How to know if pregnant early on without a test

Sensing changes in the body, the woman begins to think about a possible pregnancy. If to do the test too early, you can learn about «the family way», based on their explicit sensations and external signs.

Как понять, что беременна

Increased basal body temperature

The restructuring of the female body in pregnancy begins with a General increase of basal temperature, which ranges between 37 and 37.5 degrees. Periodic measurement of this indicator during the first 3 weeks is an effective way to learn about what you are expecting a baby. Purchase in advance a thermometer and do the procedure in the morning and evening. Record your observations in the diary.

Changes in the level of hormones

Irritability, insomnia, tearfulness, excessive lethargy, fatigue, slight dizziness, desire to eat something that you’ve never loved, the desire for a sharp smell–further evidence of pregnancy. Hormonal balance in a woman in the position differs significantly from the usual. Do not forget that such signals can arise from all the ladies. It all depends on individual hormonal levels and overall health.

Medical indicators

The main medical signs of early pregnancy include unnatural tingling and pulling pains in the abdomen, similar to menstrual, increased frequency of urination, constipation, discharge of pinkish or yellowish, a feeling of heaviness in the ovarian area, as well as the toxicity in different stages of existence. Note the mammary glands. As a rule, swelling, high sensitivity, slight pigmentation around the nipples can also indicate pregnancy.

If you find a number of the above signs, then do the first test and consult a qualified gynecologist. Only a doctor using special procedures can confirm the pregnancy.

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