How to become a popular blogger in Instagram

Instagram is a modern social network, which contains a lot of different pictures from different parts of the world. But for some reason some users are gaining huge number of followers and fans of your profile, while others are forced to share photos with a small number of fans. But everything can change in a short period of time.

Как стать популярным блогером в Instagram

Think of an interesting nickname

Your name in the network Instagram is the first step to popularity. Come up with a name that is easy to remember and fit beautifully with your blog. Let it become a kind of label of your creativity.

Add hashtags

Hashtags — a very important element in this case. Thanks to hashtags, other users will be able to find your photos and learn about new photo-blogger in the network.

Make interesting photos

Now the greatest popularity in Instagram gaining users with unique photographs of nature, handcrafted decorations. Selfies are slowly losing their value as people, as a rule, largely inspired by an interesting photo, than a simple fixation of self.

Follow other interesting bloggers

Gain experience in the field of photography, watch popular bloggers draw up their creative work, which filters and hashtags to use your photos. Get inspired by their activities, have the necessary motivation.

Don’t be afraid to show your vision

Some people have a unique Outlook on life, so their creative work is rather peculiar. But do not fear that society will reject your views, will not appreciate the photos you did. You can always find like-minded people, because Instagram is a huge network which includes an incredible number of users.

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