Myeloma. General information about the disease

Myeloma refers to cancer, due to the accumulation of plasma cells breaks down bone tissue. The average age of onset 60 years, only 1% of patients younger than 40.


Twice as frequently detected this type of cancer in African Americans compared with representatives of the white race, the reasons for this fact are unknown. There is a predisposition to the disease, according to statistics, there are cases when in one family the disease suffer a few people.

Workers in the petroleum industry the most frequently diagnosed myeloma. However, the exact cause is unknown, there is speculation that the culprit changes in the DNA, then the cells begin to transform into a tumor. Due to the absence of definite risk factors not possible to prevent multiple myeloma.


Main symptoms: fatigue, weakness, pain in the spine and bones in General. Also it is a common kidney failure due to excessive protein production and frequent infectious diseases, most commonly pneumonia.


The first thing to do if people have diagnosed herself with a number of the above symptoms, make an appointment to see a doctor, blood biochemistry, the x-ray of the bones, computed tomography, and studies such as biopsy and immunoelectrophoresis of urinary proteins and blood.

The disease may be sluggish, active and aggressive. Treatment is possible only after an accurate diagnosis, and to start it as early as possible. The main method of dealing with multiple myeloma is chemotherapy, which is carried out in the Hematology Department. The chamber should be the maximum for two persons, equipped with toilet, shower and ventilation system, capable of providing fresh air into the room. The effects of chemotherapy drugs to destroy myeloma cells in the patient’s body. In parallel with it the practice of using therapy to slow the growth of myeloma cells.

With the defeat of the vertebrae may be pinching nerves and spinal cord, thus there is a numbness of the extremities, impaired bowel and bladder. In this case, radiation therapy is used, sometimes is assigned to the operation.

Plasmapheresis is used to clean the blood of antibodies that are produced in excess in multiple myeloma.

In stage 1 the tumor is about 50% live 5 years, 40% at 2 and only 10% at 3.

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