Food for large breed dogs

Корм для собак крупных пород

Dogs that weigh more than 26 kg, height at the withers of 60 cm, are large. The weight increases stress on the heart, so the food for large dogs should be saturated with the elements of potassium and vitamin b that strengthen the heart muscle.

Also dry food for large breed dogs greater amount of unsaturated fatty acids such as fish oil, which is a good prophylactic against diseases of the cardiovascular system. Fish oil helps reduce the risk of diseases associated with being overweight, often observed in large dogs.

Best food for large dogs is a premium food, they use higher quality products than in the feed economy class. The best producers are: Eukanuba, Pro Plan, Royal Canin.

Food puppies of large breeds

A special approach to feeding is required for puppies that belong to large breeds. During rapid growth, the body needs increased amounts of animal protein, and for strong bones – necessary calcium and phosphorus. But because this reinforced, high-calorie food can lead to rapid weight gain and therefore can be deformed bones and joints, the content of animal fat in the diet should be minimal. Dog food puppy large breed is made with the use of meat chickens and lambs that are not fat, and grain – rice is used to produce them such manufacturers as: Nutra Nuggets, taste of the wild wetlands, Purina, Pro Plan.

What to feed an old dog?

As a rule, aging dog are not active, so food for older large breed dogs especially should be balanced. The composition of food for older dogs includes ingredients that promote weight management, provide joint mobility, healthy hair, skin and teeth. It is better to use brand feed Hills, Royal Canin, Bosch.

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