What plants are called weeds?

Какие растения называют сорняками?

Every owner of a suburban area familiar with the problem of weed control. On the question of what plants are called weeds, you can reply that it is those plants that are «settled» on the site except the owners of cultivated crops.

The sources of origin of plants-weeds

Weeds can get into the soil in the following ways:

  • remaining in the soil weed seeds;
  • seeds of poor quality;
  • compost that has not passed proper treatment;
  • movement of seeds by wind or animals.

Harm from weeds

Weeds-weeds have a harmful effect on cultivated crops, namely:

  • reduce productivity;
  • release harmful substances into the soil;
  • take a significant amount of nutrients and moisture from the plants grown on the site;
  • provide shade for crops and cover them with the access of light;
  • are a source of disease on the cultivated plants and of pests on the site.

But some types of weeds can be useful. So, the powerful roots of some species break the seal in the land, contribute to the loosening of the soil. Through deep penetration into the soil, the roots become available nutrients unavailable to plants and gardening. Therefore, they are used as fertilizers.

Plant species-weeds

Depending on life expectancy distinguish between these types of weeds:


  • Young. They are propagated by seeds, and their lifespan is from one season to two growing seasons. To young weeds include the following groups: ephemera, spring, winter annual, biennial.
  • Many years. Such weeds can grow in one place for four years. They reproduce by seeds or vegetatively. Mortality after ground plant parts of its root system continues to grow. Next year from the roots sprout new stems.


Depending on way of feeding the weeds are:


  • Neparastie. This group is the most numerous. Weeds are developing independently and are not dependent on other plants.
  • Polyparasitic. Are fed from ground parts or roots of other plants.
  • Parasitic. They have no ability to photosynthesize, and they feed on other plants, attaching itself to their roots or stems.


What plants are called weeds?

The most famous representatives of plants which Какие растения называют сорняками? are considered weeds, are:

  • quackgrass;
  • bindweed field (birch);
  • purslane garden;
  • shepherd’s purse;
  • woodlice (stitchwort);
  • the amaranth thrown back;
  • barnyard grass (millet chicken);
  • yarutka field.

This is the most frequently encountered in gardens the weeds.

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