How to care for ferns in the home?

Как ухаживать за папоротником в домашних условиях?

The fern room, which refers to ornamental plants, originally decorate your room with its delicate leaves. With the purchase of this flower for many the question arises, how to care for ferns in the home?

How to care for fern house?

Home fern is considered low maintenance, like his forest kin. But that he felt good and comfortable, it is necessary to observe a number of conditions.

First of all it is necessary to pay attention to the cleanliness and humidity. Fern reacts very badly, if the air is polluted or dried out. Therefore, the plant needed to provide access to fresh air.

If the flower began to wither in your apartment, this is a serious occasion to reflect. This may indicate a gas leak or low humidity.

The temperature should be moderate, the optimum temperature is 15-20°C.

The fern relates to shade-tolerant plants, but prefers diffused light. Therefore, it is best to place it in a corner opposite the window.

Plants are fertilized infrequently. The flower is sufficient to fertilize every two weeks with a weak solution of mineral fertilizers. You can also use and organic fertilizer, for example, infusion of mullein.

Home how to water a fern?

It is recommended to produce moderate watering plants. The mass of earth in the pot should be slightly moist. But this should not prevent the waterlogging of the soil. In the case of. If the flower remains for a long time without moisture, and then abundantly watered, there is a high probability of rotting the roots. Therefore, watering is carried out regularly and in moderation. It is best to observe the frequency of watering 2-3 times a week. To do this, prepare soft water (spaced or rain). In addition, the plant is sprayed simultaneously with or in between waterings.

How to care for ferns in the winter?

Как ухаживать за папоротником в домашних условиях?

In winter the plant needs more lighting. If sunlight is insufficient, it is recommended to use fluorescent lamps, which are mounted at a distance of half a meter above the flower. In this way his light 6-8 hours a day.

You should exclude the location of the fern in the vicinity of batteries and other heating appliances. Watering plants is carried out is limited, waiting until the top layer of soil dries out. But take care not to allow drying earthen coma.

Thus, observing the necessary conditions, you will be able to take care of house ferns.

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