Tray on legs

Поднос на ножках

Some things are created in order to add variety to our lives. The tray on the legs will help get you additional comfort.

Kinds of serving tray on legs

Depending on the shape of the trays are rectangular, round or oval. They can be made of various materials:


  • Plastic tray with legs. They are the most affordable option. The advantages of these products include their ease of use. They are lightweight and simple to wash.
  • Wooden tray with legs. This product looks spectacular, is made from natural materials, which ensures its sustainability.
  • Metal tray with legs. It is considered the most durable and long lasting compared to other types of products.


A tray with legs Breakfast in bed

You will be able to please your beloved and add romance to your relationship if you bring him Breakfast in bed on a tray. It can carry hot meals and drinks without the risk that the surface of the tray will suffer, as it is made of heat-resistant material. The tray is a cushion that fits comfortably on your lap. Dimensional stability of products is ensured thanks to the convenient frame.

Table-tray with legs

Very convenient and practical purchase would be a table-a tray with legs. Its purpose may be not only a meal in bed. Also it can serve as a stand Поднос на ножкахfor laptop, it can be used for drawing, creating various crafts, reading. This product helps in the care of patients who were prescribed bed rest. Typically, the device models table implies the presence of folding legs that allows him to store and move.

A table allows you to place the maximum number of dishes, it is able to withstand the weight of 10 kg. At the same time, its own weight is light enough and is 1 kg. the Product is made of humidity resistant material, which ensures its long operating life.

Thus, you will be able to choose the tray on the legs to suit your own taste.

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