Electric samovar with thermostat

Электрический самовар с терморегулятором

Today an electric kettle or a thermo almost every family, it is so comfortable! However the true connoisseurs of traditions of Russian tea can not deny myself the pleasure to buy a real, albeit electric, samovar. If you also belong to the lovers to have a Cup of tea, buy electric samovar kettle with a thermostat, and you will not regret it! Now lets look at the features of this device.

What you need to know about electric samovar with thermostat?

Modern samovar is different from the electric kettle not only because of its design. First, it holds heat much longer, allowing you to brew a second, third, etc. batch of tea, do not boil water repeatedly. Secondly, electric samovars with automatic shut-off after boiling themselves off, moving to maintenance mode the set temperature. And thirdly, note the maximum amount of samovar – it is much more than a conventional kettle – up to 10 L. It is very convenient for large families or those who like to frequently arrange a feast. But for a typical family of 3-4 people fit the usual samovar, calculated on 1,5-2 liters.

You can buy samovar, made from materials such as Nickel, brass or ceramic. Manufacturers provide a wide selection of shapes and colors of samovars. Your selected model may be painted under Gzhel, and might look more modern.

Thus, the electric samovar with a thermostat – is essentially a modern thermo, only made in more interesting design. Due to this appearance that the appliances bring into your kitchen real warmth and a homely atmosphere, and the gatherings over a Cup of tea can become a good family tradition.

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