Exercise for back in gym

Упражнения для спины в тренажерном зале

In the gym, you can perform the effective set of exercises for the back, which helps to make the body more muscular and proportional. There are many exercises from which you can make a program that allows you to achieve good results. In addition, trained back helps maintain posture, which is very important for beauty girls.

How to swing back in the gym?

Before moving on to technique, understand some of the nuances. You need to train regularly, it is enough 3-4 times a week. Experts do not recommend to do every day, since muscles increase in volume is not at the time of receiving the load, and when resting. As for repetitions, it is recommended to do 12-15 times in 3 sets. Beginners workout back in the gym should be lightweight and only after some time to increase the load. If the goal is to lose weight and dry muscle, then you need to engage intensively, performing many repetitions with minimal rest. When the workout aims to increase muscle volume, then you need to do basic exercises with weights, performing a small number of repetitions. Understanding how to build a girl back in the gym, it is important to do the exercises, observing all the nuances of the technology, and talk.


  • Pull-UPS. The most common exercise performed on the horizontal bar. To diversify and increase the load, you can perform pull-UPS various grip. For pumping the back muscles need to climb it at their expense, eliminating most of the hand. UN – grip the bar with a standard straight grip, bend your legs at the knees and crossed them to the body was loose. Your back should be slightly bent to relieve stress. Task – pull, keeping the blades, trying to touch the crossbar of the upper part of the chest. Lock position and lower yourself down, fully straightening the arms to stretch the muscles.


Упражнения для спины в тренажерном зале


  • Deadlift. One of the best core exercises on your back in the gym and to do his will using the rod. It is worth noting that when you run the load and get other major muscle groups. IP – foot drop at shoulder level, squat down prior to the formation of a right angle at the knees and grab the bar regular grip, so between your hands there was a distance identical to the width of the shoulders. Keep the back straight without any deflection, straighten the chest, and tilt your body forward. Perform the exercise slowly without jerking. Task – begin to rise, straightening the knees and raising the bar, and then fully straighten your body. Note that the knees have to straighten the last. After a short delay, lower the barbell down, observing the trajectory of movement.


Упражнения для спины в тренажерном зале


  • Thrust rod in the slope. Back in training for the girls in the gym should be this is an effective exercise that gives the load on the large muscles and the «wings». SP – stand up straight, taking the barbell so that your palms are facing down and holding it in his outstretched hands. Keep legs slightly bent at the knees and lean forward. It is important to control that the back formed a perfectly straight line, and look direct ahead. To perform this exercises for your back in the gym, you exhale to lift the barbell by bending your elbows, keeping them close to the body. At the top stay for a couple of seconds and then slowly lower the barbell down.


Упражнения для спины в тренажерном зале

These basic exercises, you can add, for example, T-draught in the simulator, pull the lower unit, hyperextension, upper traction unit, etc.

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