Workout on the exercise bike

Тренировки на велотренажере

For weight loss cardio is very important load that can be obtained through the exercise bike. It can be found in gyms or buy a home, the more the price is not too high.

Popular systems of training on a stationary bike for weight loss

There are several methods, which means that everyone can choose for themselves the best option, focusing on the desired result.

Recommended workouts on the bike:


  • Classes at a slow pace give the load on the buttocks, thighs and calves. Pedaling is necessary not less half an hour. To start and finish the workout with torsion at a slow pace.
  • To increase your stamina and in order to start the process of losing weight, exercise on a stationary bike should be at a fast pace. The total exercise – minimum 30 minutes First to warm up for 5 minutes pedaling at a slow pace and then increase the resistance and raise it until your breathing will increase. Spin at maximum load for 15 min. Upload the workout in a small pace.
  • The most effective diet is considered to be interval training on the stationary bike, which should last at least half an hour. You should start again, with a warm-up, the duration of which is 5 min. After that it is necessary to set the resistance at an appropriate value and to exercise according to this scheme: 1 min. at maximum rotation of the pedals and 1 min. at a slower pace. According to this scheme interval training on a stationary bike should last 15 minutes, and then, don’t forget about the hitch, the duration of which is 5 min.
  • There is a scheme of training which allows to pump the buttocks. After warm up check the resistance on the indicator 6, and then, alternate: 3 min. of torsion at a fast pace, then 2 minutes slow. End with a hitch.


It is important to gradually increase the load to improve the result.

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