How to breed rabbits

Breeding rabbits is possible in a country house or dacha. You will need to do for the animals several wooden cages outside. And most importantly, buy a male and female rabbit of that breed, breeding you plan.

Как разводить кроликов

You can purchase one male and several females, if you want to get a large litter of rabbits. But one male should have no more than 5 rabbits. The male in the cage holding one, but females can be planted two in a cage. Puberty rabbits ends in 4-5 months. It is important to monitor the weight of the animal. You should not pair animal weighing less than 3.5 kg («precocious» breeds – 2,8-3 kg).

Males rabbits the first pairing is better can I at the age of 6-7 months. During the mating the female sits in the cage to the male. After mating the female is taken and again hoisted to the male in 5-7 days for verification. Pregnancy in the rabbit can be palpated at 13-16 days after mating. Sucralose (pregnancy) rabbits lasts about 28-30 days. During this period, we must pay attention to food rabbit and let her feed enriched with vitamins.

A week before the birth (kindling) put in the cage with the nesting boxes. Pre-disinfect them and insulate. You can put them in wood shavings or soft hay. Most often, the breeding of the animal occurs at night, the litter is on average 5-9 rabbits. If more rabbits and the mother is not able to breastfeed adequately, it is better to relocate them to other females.

Rabbits are born blind and naked. Eyes open on day 11, and after 21 days, the rabbits have changed the teeth and they no longer need breast milk. After two months of young rabbits to relocate from the mother.

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