How easy it is to select a domain

Selection of domain name is one of the most important stages on the way to the creation of the site. What is the domain? The name of your site on the Internet. How does it choose?

Как легко выбрать домен


1. Consider the level.
A domain can be on several levels: first .com, the second – third – and so on. You can use either, but think, with what difficulty will face the Manager of the company, when he will have to dictate the name of the website on the phone! Preferred still, the second-level domains.

2. Consider your brand.
The website is an integral part of your business, and therefore its name, if possible, should be consonant with the name of your company or your brand.

3. Use a simple writing.
The domain name should be as simple and evocative writing. Do not use the techniques that complicate the reproduction of the writing domain, such as numbers instead of letters: par14ok. com instead

4. Consider blast zone.
For sites of Runet characteristic domain zone .EN and .of the Russian Federation. In the first case the spelling of the name of the website will be in Latin and the second in the Cyrillic alphabet. Minus the Cyrillic domain is that some services don’t support this charset and instead of the clear words of the sled.the Russian Federation will succeed «section» xn--80aqflfp9b.xn--p1ai. However, a definite plus Cyrillic domain in simple memorization. What area to choose – you decide.

5. Locate a reliable seller.
Where to buy a domain? This is best done from one of the accredited registrars of domain –, or their partners. What’s the difference? At an accredited Registrar you are renting the domain for a long time and can dispose of them at its discretion. Partners sell domains cheaper, but at the same time own it in equal shares with you that involve some risk (for example, loss of domain).

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