Long life of the carpet

Carpet can decades to look as good as new the envy of neighbors and friends. And this does not have to use expensive tools and regularly donate to this bulky thing to the dry cleaners. The durability of the carpet depends on proper and timely maintenance, safe storage and accurate fix.

Долгая жизнь ковра

The rug is not as «naughty» as it might seem at first glance. But still there are rules that better remember the owners of carpets and strictly followed. The carpet should not be laid and kept in rooms with high humidity and near the storage sites or the use of caustic chemicals and household chemicals. It is not possible to put furniture with sharp legs. Removing the deposited, it shall in no case be put: the carpet should be rolled into a tight coil together with the sheet by means of a moth or orange peel, then put in a dark dry place, and periodically to expand and dry. And another thing: when furnishing need to remember that no carpet will not withstand daily exposure to direct sunlight.

New woollen carpet, first half is better cleaned with a soft brush or a traditional broom to collect small hairs remaining after shearing pile surface. You can then proceed to vacuuming. Embossing carpet rug beater preferably elastic, throwing it across the crossbar round the pile down. After this you should sweep it from both sides with a soft brush.

A Persian rug should be regularly vacuumed, then cleaned on both sides, and several times a year — a good knock on the open air. Important rule care for «fluffy» carpets, as they cannot brush against the NAP and cannot be shot, slung over a rope so they can stretch out. Better to clean the carpet, spreading it on a flat surface, and in winter on the snow.

Winter is the best time for carpet cleaning. First he put the pile down on a clean, dry snow and beat slightly, then turn over and proceed to clean the front surface. Sprinkling the carpet with snow, you need to walk on it with the brush in different directions (except for carpets with high pile). During the clean sweep the snow becomes dirty and replace with clean. Carpet carried to the street and bring home rolled into a roll. Before you lay on the floor, it must be properly dried.

Carpets, tufted, in which the beautiful fabric is stitched is made of thread, and carpet knitting in the snow not clean. These products are only shake out, holding hands at the edges.

For wet carpet cleaning, you can use ordinary table salt: it must be evenly scattered on the carpet, and then slowly sweep a damp broom.

Any spilled on the carpet the liquid must be removed without delay: the longer it remains on the carpet, the more difficult it is to get rid of it without a trace. A fresh stain from coffee or tea on a wool carpet, you can display, placing it on the dampened white thick towel or blotting cloth.

Before you remove old carpet stains with chemical or home remedy you should make sure that this method of cleaning will not harm the carpet — it means you should first test on inconspicuous area. Grease stains are removed from carpet gasoline, a mixture of equal parts of hot water and ammonia or sawdust soaked in gasoline. Sawdust is recommended for some time to leave on the spot.

You can try to clean the carpet small table salt: sprinkle it first on the pile, then sweep with a broom dipped in hot soapy water or a weak solution of washing powder (1/2 tsp per 1l of water). Contaminated salt several times replace clean. At the end of the carpet, it is desirable to knock out or walk on it with a vacuum cleaner. Contaminated unpainted areas of the carpet are cleaned with a solution composed of 5 g of hydrogen peroxide and 2 g of liquid ammonia per 1 liter of water; the carpet is then several times washed with water.

Time-stained carpet can be «rejuvenated» by cleaning it with warm decoction of wheat bran or a weak solution of the bite. Malozatraten pile surface just wipe with a Terry cloth soaked in detergent solution.

If lying on the carpet at least once in six months, rotated by 90 or 180°, it is possible to avoid uneven wear in the places where we go on it very often. And again, the abrasion of the Mat to decrease if under it lay a felt lining.

Smooth curving edges in the following way: for a few days under the upturned corner of the roll out the film and put it on a wet rag, and on top of this the edge of the carpet cover with another film and to give a flat load.

If the carpet is sometimes «lost my hair», scuffed or confused, do not worry! You can take a chance and try to restore it on their own. For example: take a skein of wool (skeins), color close to the carpet, and gastrici from it many short hairs — substitutes for lint. On the damaged area of carpet gently apply a small amount all purpose adhesive, sprinkle it on «the pile» and be ironed with warm iron. After 5-6 hours, when the wool is firmly secured, remove excess with a soft brush.

Faded places on the carpet can «revive» the usual colored pencils, in colours matching the pattern on the carpet. And to freshen a carpet of color, just wipe with a cloth dipped in table vinegar or in brine sour cabbage.

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