Determining the type of temperament

Temperament type has a very significant effect on behavior and human life. In ancient times Hippocrates tried to create a separation of people into groups by the types of their behavior. In the future, scientists and psychologists have refined and expanded the classification of temperaments. Nowadays there are four types of temperament – sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic.

Определение типа темперамента

Sanguine temperament. People-sanguine adapt well to new surroundings and circumstances. They are willing to try new things and successfully cope with them. Sanguine is distinguished by frequent changes of mood, emotions, but the most characteristic of these is a cheerful, happy state. Gait they usually confident, but smooth and traffic light. Sanguine is endowed with rich facial expressions, often and passionately gesticulating, talking loud and clear. They are easy to distract from the cases, as it is very fond of people and often change their preferences.

The choleric temperament. The choleric is often high-strung and unstable. With zeal and passion to undertake new things and give myself to them fully. The choleric hasty, sometimes confused speech and bright, lively facial expressions. People with choleric temperament it is difficult to sit still. Often due to a congenital imbalance of the choleric outbreaks of irritability and exhaustion.

The melancholic temperament. Melancholic passive, neustoichivye little and react to the outside world. Most often they are self-absorbed and prefer a calm, familiar surroundings. People-melancholic very constant in their feelings and passions. In melancholic low-key, but quick gait. Gestures are avaricious because they are very embarrassing to strangers.

Phlegmatic temperament. Phlegmatic very persistent and persistently, but steadily moving towards my goal. They are malemolencia, sometimes boring, but reliable as no other. The gait of the phlegmatic is lazy, unhurried. Facial expressions and gestures mean, neveragain emotions. It leisurely, and the whole phlegmatic taciturn. People-phlegmatic slow and hard to meet people.

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