How to develop memory and attention

With age, human memory and attention begin to change for the better due to a number of reasons. Each of the process flows individually. There are several effective ways to develop memory and attention. The main thing here is regularity and patience.

Как улучшить память

Method 1

To the brain has activated all kinds of memory, you need to include in the routine classes, focus on memorizing. Often solve crosswords, charades, logic puzzles, you need to play chess and to engage in mental labor. Try to saturate the oxygen to the brain. For this best fit your daily walks in the fresh air. Train your memory and attention at any place. For example, on the way to work or to the store remember the number of people you met, number of machines, the color of the buildings etc. Later try to repeat what was memorized previously.

Method 2

If you find it difficult to concentrate and to organize the time, you should train yourself to record the plan for the week ahead. This easy method will allow us not to forget important details and to do all the time. Conveniently enough gadgets with reminder feature. A detailed schedule, a list of purchases and Affairs will help you quickly navigate in a dynamic modern space.

Method 3

The receptors in the brain have the ability to react to smells, sounds and taste sensations. Use this feature to memory. In the store, try to remember the name of the perfume smell or to be decomposed. You can also remember the taste of the dishes and ingredients.

Effective options are improving the learning of poems by heart, learning a foreign language for life and the method of Association.

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