Bursitis — inflammation of joints

Bursitis is the inflammation of the joint capsule. The name comes from the Latin bursa bag. This disease is accompanied by constant pain and discomfort in the joint. Pain associated with inflammation in the joint capsule and a violation of the friction between the articular surfaces.


Articular bag plays an important role in the functioning of the musculoskeletal system. It softens the friction between the articular surfaces in the joint. Also reduces pressure on bone mass muscle tissue. Articular bag contains a liquid, through which it performs its main functions. In the presence of inflammation in the Bursa, is a violation of the articular surfaces of friction between each other and this causes pain in the joint.

Symptoms and causes

Inflammation accompanied by severe pain and partial limitation of motion in the joint. Lift and swing the limb during various activities would be impossible, especially if it’s shoulder or knee joint.

Bursitis has the ability to occur very suddenly and quickly. Place over the inflamed joint begins to redden and to swell.

If the bursitis was picked up after an infection, the affected area begins to throb and become very hot at the slightest movement.

Chronic bursitis usually occurs after severe injuries, which led to a long and painful treatment. In this type of bursitis in joints bursae begins to accumulate fluid. Eventually, under increasing load, articular capsules are felt, because relapse happens all the time.

Swelling and pain in the affected area can often cause wasting and weakness in the muscles, subsequently which makes it impossible to move their limbs freely. Aggravation can last from several days to several weeks.

Bursitis most often occurs on the former site of the injury, but in other cases, the reason for its appearance is not known.


Treatment of bursitis is quite long and not very nice. After complete recovery, the person must always monitor the place that was affected to prevent the recidivism of the disease.

If the bursitis was caused by an infection, drainage is necessary, then the patient should undergo treatment with antibiotics. At the time of treatment the affected joint is necessary to immobilize and how you can minimize the load on it. Also use anti-inflammatory ointments and drugs.

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