What does the length of the fingers about the character?

Что говорит длина пальцев о характере?

Interesting information about the person’s hand, not only the lines on the palm, but the length of the fingers. Such information is useful, for example, girls who go on a first date.

The link lengths of the fingers and the nature

Numerous studies, as well as knowledge palmists reveal the relationship between length of fingers and some traits of human nature. Of course, the information is generalized, but many details are often the same.

The length of your fingers says about the nature of man:


  • If your fingers are short, this indicates excessive emotionality and impulsivity of the interlocutor. Such people quickly get addicted to new ideas, but the fuse in them quickly fades. Holders of short fingers active and prefer to work in a team.
  • At an average length of fingers it is possible to judge such traits of character as patience and integrity. They don’t have long to be angry and annoyed. For such people it is important that the work brings pleasure, otherwise the result they achieve.
  • Speaking about what the character says longer fingers, so it indicates the steadiness of the interlocutor. These people almost never make rash decisions and they are responsible and Executive. They are very concerned about quality, not quantity.


Can the character be judged by the length of the individual fingers. For example, if the index finger is nameless in short, it shows the charisma and determination. Such people can easily cope with problems, but they are compassionate. If the index finger longer than ring finger is the signal that the person is self-sufficient, but he lacks decisiveness. They are very valuable attention and praise of others. The person nameless and the index finger of the same length, is a peace-loving and conflict-free. He is loyal and dedicated, and organized.

Что говорит длина пальцев о характере?
Что говорит длина пальцев о характере?

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