How to learn the notes?

Как выучить ноты?

Today there is a special technique that allows you how to learn the notes and not to spend many hours. Experts say that spending only 40 minutes, people will be able to remember the location of notes, will be able to write them, and also will clearly know what key or string refers to a particular note.

How to learn the notes independently?

So let’s start with a simple exercise. You need some time to list all the notes in order, i.e., do, re, mi, FA, Sol, La and si. Do this at least 10-15 times in a row. Next, begin to complicate the task, try several times to repeat the notes in reverse order, do not be lazy, do it 10-15 times also. This will help how to quickly learn the tones, and stop confusion in musical literacy.

Now again more complicated exercise. Try to repeat the notes through one, for example, do-mi, re-FA. Do this exercise not less than 10-15 times, by the way, will be much easier if you have someone to monitor you. And don’t forget to say the name aloud is necessary, it will help to quickly assimilate information.

Now consider how to learn the notes on the musical staff by using written exercises. To do this, take a sheet of music, and I repeatedly write the notes in direct order («do» to «si»), in return (from «si» to «to») and after one step («to»-«mi» «re»-«FA»). Experts say that after 3-4 repeat this exercise, people will not be confused when writing notes and remember them well.

How to learn notes on the stave?

Next, you need to start training on the instrument. Starting with a-press in turn the key or touch the strings, and pronounce aloud the name you retrieved the notes. Be sure «complete» until the end of the octave, then repeat the exercise 3-5 times.

Как выучить ноты?

Take a short break, and start to press keys or touch the strings in descending order, i.e. from «C» to «to».

Repeat this workout also should be at least 3-5 times. After the reverse order to be remembered, you must start to press keys via the steps – double («to»-«mi» «re»-«f»), triple («to»-«mi», «re»to»Sol»). Experts recommend to do this exercise, both in direct and in reverse order. Spending on such training at least half an hour, people will be able to remember the location of notes, keys and strings.

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