How to understand, whether are you the man?

Как понять, нужна ли ты мужчине?

Love only brings real satisfaction when it is mutual. If a woman feels loved, she will be happy and make happy the people around her. However, to understand whether mutual love feelings is not always easy. Sometimes doubt that the love is mutual, it may be due to the fact that feelings have changed a little due to the length of the relationship. In other cases, the partner may simply not be able to talk about their feelings on the emotional language of your partner. Even small changes in attitude may cause the question of how to understand that you need a man. To deal with this issue, you should pay attention to various factors in the behaviour and attitude towards you and your family.

How to understand, whether are you the man?

If you are in doubt about the reciprocity of feelings your beloved, watch him, how he behaves in certain specific situations. He cherishes you if:

  • it is important to know your opinion on various issues, he consults with you and accept your help with some solutions;
  • he is willing to do so as you will be nice even if you disagree that it is necessary to do so;
  • he tries to do nice things: gifts, hugs, helping with the housework;
  • the man tends to spend you spare time;
  • he tries to introduce you to his friends and speaks of you in their presence with love and respect;
  • favorite with pleasure communicates with your relatives, trying to maintain good relations with them;
  • in difficult times beloved man will try to support you, even if you are guilty of this negative situation.

How to understand that you need a married man?

A married man will be a little different to show their feelings than a man free. Due to circumstances he may not be as relaxed and unconcerned, like a man without a family. If he loves you and not just using for entertainment, you will notice in the behavior of the following features:

    • it will be considered your schedule and your life feelings;

Как понять, нужна ли ты мужчине?

  • he will not invent stories about when you get divorced or why not to do it, and explain your situation and can respect your reaction;
  • married a man in love will try to do favorite surprises.

After thinking about the question of how to understand, whether you’re a married man, should think about in what capacity he may have you need. Maybe you are just the mistress, and maybe he needs you as a good friend. In this respect, your understanding and the understanding of your men can absolutely not match.

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