How to hook a man?

Как зацепить мужчину?

Woman who knows how to please the man and win his heart, has many advantages: it is easy to find a life partner, easily will climb up the career ladder. Therefore, any of the fairer sex should have knowledge on seduction. To catch a man by appearance, as this is the first thing most of them pay attention. But the correct behavior in this case plays a significant role. All these subtleties we will describe below.

How a woman can catch a man?


  • A flawless appearance. It would not tell men that they are attracted to opposite sex mental qualities, their psychology persistently insists otherwise. Correct low-key makeup, styled hair and a good wardrobe will create an image that can attract attention. But the maiden sloppiness and negligence are factors that repel any guy.
  • About what you can catch a man you can talk a long time: it is mental softness and modesty, sense of humor and positive life attitude. Also success and self — sufficiency- qualities that attract men.
  • Girl that wants to hook, should be mysterious and different. Today it may be modest, but Flirty and playful tomorrow.
  • Flirting is a fine weapon that will help to Woo the opposite sex.
  • The erudition and intelligence. To conquer a man with a profound knowledge, should constantly develop and improve.
  • It turns out that men also like ears. Therefore, every woman need to know how to hook a man. According to surveys, most like it when women call them reliable, strong, generous and clever. To attract you can use a phrase with these words. Say them sincerely, from the heart. So the guy doubted the truth of these words.


How do you know that caught a man?

There are signs by which to judge the interest men woman:

  • constant calls, messages;
  • he invites you to walks, visits;
  • gives you gifts for no reason;
  • trying to make the woman a good impression.

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