How to understand the affection a Mature man?

Как понять симпатию зрелого мужчины?

Not all men are rushing to confess the tender feelings that they have towards women. The reason for this may be shyness or self-doubt. And the older you get the stronger sex, the more they are restrained in expressing their emotions. But a lady ought to know the answer to the question of how to understand the affection a Mature man. To make it not so difficult, you just need to carefully observe.

What is the sympathy of man to woman?

The signs of liking men elegant age in many ways similar to how the Express the location of the younger representatives of the stronger sex. Only there are much less outrageous and exaltation. More confidence, dignity and a beautiful sign.

Signs of hidden sympathies of men toward women are the following:

  • it clearly distinguishes you from the crowd comes to life when your appearance begins to tell jokes, speak louder, unconsciously turns to face you and throws private glances;
  • having met you, he begins to mechanically straighten the cuffs of his shirt, the tie, the hair, pulls at the buttons, clock, etc.;
  • at every meeting he will take you look from head to toe, if the pupils dilated – he likes you a great;
  • tries to touch you, without even realizing it – supporting arm, a hand to help stand up, etc.;
  • hurry up to give your jacket, if you notice that a little cold;
  • in a conversation with you in his voice slip velvety soft touch, and he sharply responds, if at this point it is distracting someone else.

How to manifest the sympathy of men of Mature age?

Liking Mature men can be identified by the above characteristics, but it is possible that peer into the nature of your relationship will have more closely.

If you want to know how such a man shows sympathy, Как понять симпатию зрелого мужчины?you should pay attention primarily on the way he moves. For example, if he accidentally saw you on the street and immediately headed in your direction, then it is a sure sign of his special relationship.

Mature male very experienced and are often a bit disappointed in the relationship. Hence the coldness and restraint. So if when you appear in his eyes there’s sparks and he’s at least a little active, then this is a sure sign of his sympathy. The same conclusion can be drawn, if it aggressively to stop attempts of flirting with other men, the unconscious will block you from their views, will seek to take all your attention.

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