How to understand what the man was excited — signs

Как понять, что мужчина возбудился - признаки

In relations between a man a woman a lot to understand, not waiting to explain in words. How often does the woman want to understand and to read gestures and facial expressions of men, that it arouses the sympathy, interest and desire. Symptoms, giving to understand that a man excited is not as primitive as it may seem. Lust and sexual desire you can read the eyes, the facial expression and the movement of men even at a distance.

How to understand that man excited?

According to the results of psychological research, it was found that when communicating between members of the opposite genders facial expression and gestures can have far more impact than words. It conveys only the information that person wants to tell, and movement of the body and face show your real feelings and state.

Gestures and facial expressions when excited men in psychology are studied and displayed in a certain physiological algorithm. On the verbal level people can control themselves, but non-verbal signs to hide is difficult. If a man is aroused, he may be ashamed to show it, but his body and face betray his true feelings:


  • Sexual desire can’t read their eyes and facial expressions. When excited in men, the pupils dilate and the look gets closer, concentrating on the object of desire. Raised eyebrows, parted lips, a slight sliding look at the body, a heightened attention to the female breast is the signal of interest and brand certain direction of thinking men.
  • Avoiding eye contact and restlessness in his movements Express the embarrassment and desire to hide his desire. This behavior is due to the fact that how a man feels when excited at the wrong time. Thoughts come into conflict with men’s nature, causing hectic traffic.
  • Unconsciously to attract attention – gestures which give stimulation. The man tightens the tummy, smoothes the back, fastens or undoes his collar, straightens cuffs or a tie.
  • Shortness of breath and thirst are also frequent companions of sexual arousal. Not to notice that the respiratory rate has changed difficult, thirst is connected with the rush of blood and a fever.


Как понять, что мужчина возбудился - признаки

Women are hard to understand that what feels a man when excited. Physiology of men is arranged so that excited unlike the ladies they are much more difficult to hide. And it’s not just that the blood rushes to certain parts of the body. Male arousal more intense, and temperament, most men are naturally more powerful.

Women need more time to get aroused, men this process is much faster and can hide it very difficult.

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