What could be the character?

Какой может быть характер?

How many people on earth, there are so many characters. Every person is unique and unique, and definitely at least somewhat, but will be different from other people. For this reason, it is difficult to create a simple unified typology of characters, which would help to answer the question, what could be the character of a man.

What could be the character?

Character is the combination of various psychological traits that stem from temperament, living conditions and upbringing. In order to determine the nature, you need to describe a person on such parameters:

  • the relationship of man to himself (egoism, selfishness, low self-esteem);
  • the person’s attitude to others (generosity, altruism, empathy);
  • the person’s attitude to work (laziness, pedantry, workaholism);
  • the presence and the power of volitional qualities (a strong-willed person, persistent, weak);
  • attitude towards life (optimism, pessimism).

What is the nature of men?

To understand man’s character, look at it on the above criteria:


  • Attitude. Men are more likely to have a high and inflated self-esteem than women who due to historical and social development of society often marginalized.
  • Attitude toward others. Men worse women understand other people often are callous and demanding.
  • Relevant to the activities. Men often become fanatics of their work or hobby in which they Express themselves and implement.
  • Strong-willed qualities. Unlike women, men often have a more strong character, so they better to set goals and achieve them.
  • Attitude to life. But this option is purely individual and does not depend on gender. Although it is possible to say that women often fall into depression caused by unstable hormones.


What could be the nature of the guy?

Some traits guys are hard to pinpoint, because the direction of the existence of character traits can change in later life. Most young people have these traits:

  • optimism;
  • carelessness;
  • sociability;
  • irresponsibility;
  • the shortsightedness;
  • maximalism.

What character traits are inherent to immature men?

An immature man is a man, who for life remains Какой может быть характер?a child or young carefree guy. Such a man has the following traits:

  • the desire to have fun;
  • irresponsibility;
  • selfishness;
  • lack of initiative;
  • excessive optimism;
  • carelessness;
  • laziness.

Such traits are fixed only complex life situations and their own strong desire.

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