The purpose of communication

Цели общения

Psychology believes that communication is the basic need of any person. Neither one of us will not be able to live a normal life in society if not to maintain certain relationships with other people. Let’s see, what are the purpose of communication, as they can change.

The main purpose of communication

Currently experts distinguish the following objectives of communication:


  • Satisfaction of needs in communication.
  • Business communication, which is aimed at organization and optimization of activity.
  • Personal communication, which implies that will discuss the interests and needs affecting the personality of the person.


Thus, we can safely say that all human communication can or to satisfy the internal needs of the individual, or be intended to provide certain material benefits or conditions for receiving them.

Objectives and functions of personal communication

When two people start a conversation, the purpose of which is to satisfy domestic needs, we can often say that these people are friends or buddies. It should be noted that communication of this nature will be terminated as soon as the disappearance of common interests. It is for this reason that a friendly relationship often fades away, if one of your friends is changing the terms of interest or internal problems.

The goal of business communication

As mentioned above, the main thing that can get people in this case, is to create conditions for welfare. Speaking of business communication, it should be noted that it has certain rules, which to violate is not necessary.

First, the partners can be equal and can occupy the position of «boss» and «subordinate». Based on this hierarchy, and to build a conversation. Цели общенияFor example, «slave» can’t afford to give directions, or to make a final decision, while the «boss» has no right to shift responsibility to the other participant of the communication.

Secondly, the relationship will be terminated as soon as at least one of the participants will no longer receive financial benefits from the process. To disassemble such communication can and whoever is the «head» and the one who occupies the position of «slave». Therefore, you should always remember, that to suggest the length of the relationship, we only need to track is not stopped if one of the participants to benefit.

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