How to farm?

Как вести хозяйство?

Not every woman has time to time to cope with a mountain of backlog around the house. And the reason is not even in the shortage of time, and that not everyone knows how to farm properly. There are a few tricks that you can adopt.

How to run the household economically?

Stay within budget and still maintain family — is an art. Moreover, in the conditions of constantly growing prices for food and necessities, the question of how to keep house economically, is very important. And the answer is very simple: go to the store with a list, putting in a pocket only the amount of money determined in advance.

If writing a list doesn’t work, then go not in huge supermarkets where there are many temptations, and in small stores, with limited assortment.

Useful tips how to run the household

Saving is only half the battle. How to properly run the household, prompt useful tips that must guide every good hostess. These tips can help you save not only money but also time.


  • Do not shoulder everything on yourself. Load husband and children simple tasks of cleaning.
  • Don’t be lazy, try not to postpone the case. To pass then once all is unlikely.
  • Train yourself and family members to put things back in place and cleaning up the mess from the table, immediately wash the dishes after eating.
  • Every day take at least one small corner of the apartment, often pay attention to bathroom and lavatory.
  • Think over the menu once a week, do a semi-homemade on the weekend.
  • Wash more often one day a week, otherwise the weekend may not have time to finish up all the accumulated Laundry.
  • On time and without regret deliver from any unnecessary stuff.


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