Install Windows 10 on Mac

In this step-by-step on how to install Windows 10 on your Mac (iMac, Macbook, Mac Pro) in two main ways — as a second operating system, which you can choose at boot or to run Windows programs and use the features of this system inside OS X.

Which technique is better? General recommendations are as follows. If you need to install Windows 10 on a PC or Mac laptop to run games and to ensure maximum productivity in their work, it is better to use the first option. If your goal is to use certain software applications (office, accounting and others), not for OS X, but in General you prefer to work in OS from Apple, the second variant, most likely, will be more convenient and quite sufficient.

How to install Windows 10 on a Mac as a second system

In all recent versions of Mac OS X contains built-in tools to install Windows on a separate partition — Boot Camp Assistant. To find the program using Spotlight search or in «Programs» — «Utilities».

All that is needed to install Windows 10 in this way the image with the system (see How to download Windows 10, for Mac fits the second listed in the article) to empty USB flash drive of 8 GB (perhaps and 4), and sufficient free space on the SSD or hard drive.

Run the utility «Boot Camp Assistant» and click «Next». In the second box «Select actions», select «Create the setup disk of Windows 7 or later» and «Install Windows 7 or later». Item download the Windows support software from Apple will automatically be checked. Click «Continue».

In the next window specify the path to the Windows 10 and select the flash drive on which it is recorded, the data from it in the process will be removed. Cm. read more on procedure: Bootable flash drive Windows 10 on a Mac. Click «Continue».

The next stage will have to wait until all the necessary Windows files will be copied to the USB drive. Also at this stage will be automatically downloaded from the Internet and stored on a flash drive the drivers and support software for the Mac hardware in a Windows environment.

The next step is to create a separate partition to install Windows 10 on SSD or hard drive. I recommend to allocate not less than 40 GB under such section, and that if you don’t want to install bulky programs to Windows in the future.

Click «Install». Your Mac will restart automatically and prompts you to select the drive to boot. Select the USB drive from «Windows». If after the reboot selection menu the boot device does not appear, again reboot manually by holding down the Option (Alt).

Will start the simple process of installing Windows 10 on PC, which completely (with the exception of one step), you should follow the steps outlined in the instruction to Install Windows 10 from a flash drive for option «full installation».

Wherein the step is at the stage of selecting the partition to install Windows 10 on your Mac, you will be informed that the installation on the BOOTCAMP partition impossible. You can click the Configure link under the list of partitions, and then format this partition, after formatting installation will be available, click «Next». Also, you can remove it, appeared to highlight unpartitioned space and press «Next».

Further installation steps do not differ from the given above instructions. If for some reason the automatic reboot in the process you get into OS X, then boot back into the installer can use the restart holding down the Option (Alt), only this time select the hard drive labeled «Windows» and not the stick.

After the system is installed and starts, with flash must be the automatic start feature installation Boot Camp for Windows 10, just follow the instructions to install. As a result Windows will automatically install all the necessary driver and supporting utilities.

If the automatic start does not occur, open the contents of the boot stick in Windows 10, it open the BootCamp folder and run the file setup.exe.

When the installation is complete, right at the bottom (in the Windows notification area 10), you will see the Boot Camp icon (possibly hidden behind a button with «up arrow»), with which you will be able to customize the behavior of the touchpad on the MacBook (by default, it runs in Windows not like OS X and not exactly convenient), to change the system default boot and just reboot into OS X.

When you return to OS X again to boot the installed Windows 10, use restart your computer or laptop by pressing Option or Alt.

Note: activate Windows 10 on a Mac follows the same rules as for PC, read more — Activation Windows 10. In this case, binding a digital license, obtained by updating the previous version of the OS or using Insider Preview before the release of Windows 10, works in Boot Camp, including when you change the partition size after reset or the Mac. I.e. if previously you in Boot Camp was activated license Windows 10, during the installation you may request the product key, select «I Have key», but after Internet connection the activation will be done automatically.

Use Windows 10 on a Mac in Parallels Desktop

Windows 10 can run on Mac and «inside» OS X using a virtual machine. For this free solution is VirtualBox, there are paid options, the most convenient and the most integrated with the OS from Apple version Parallels Desktop. Thus, it is not only the most convenient, but in tests, the most productive and gentle towards the MacBook batteries.

If you’re a casual user who wants to easily run Windows programs on Mac and easy to work with them, not understanding the intricacies of the settings is the only option that I can responsibly recommend, despite its payment.

Download free trial latest version of Parallels Desktop or you can buy it you can always get on the official Russian site There you will find relevant help for all program functions. I’ll briefly show you the process of installing Windows 10 in Parallels and how the system integrates with OS X.

After you install Parallels Desktop, run the program and select create a new virtual machine (can be done via the menu item «File»).

You can directly download Windows 10 from the Microsoft website by means of software, or you can select «Install Windows or another OS from DVD or image», in this case, you can use your own ISO image (additional features, such as transfer Windows from Boot Camp or a PC, setting the other systems, in this article I will not describe).

After image selection, you are prompted to select automatic configuration for the installed system on its field of application is for office applications or gaming.

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Then you will also be asked to provide the product key (Windows 10 will be set even if you select that for this version of the system does not require a key, however will require activation), then will begin the installation of the system, some steps in which, when manually running a simple clean install of Windows 10 by default, happen automatically (create user, install drivers, select titles and others).

As a result, you will get a fully functional Windows 10 inside your system OS X, which by default will operate in the Coherence — i.e. the Windows Windows programs will run as a simple OS X window, and clicking on the virtual machine icon in the Dock will open the start menu of Windows 10, even the notification area will be integrated.

Later you can modify the settings of your Parallels virtual machines, including launch Windows 10 in full screen mode, configure the keyboard settings, disable shared folders OS X and Windows (enabled by default) and much more. If something in the process is not clear, will help you quite a detailed program help.

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