Anorexia — abnormal leanness

Many of us were in the «room of laughter». It consists of distorting mirrors. People may see themselves as very fat, with curves and long legs, big hands or small head, but the body remains normal. About the same see myself anorexic. In the mirror is insanely thick. The body is no longer like it, there are thoughts about making it better. To lose weight, anorexics refuse to eat completely.


Anorexia is called a condition in which a person refuses to eat. While his appetite is not lost.

Such people do not see his emaciated body. They are constantly haunted by the fear of gaining weight even a few grams. If this happens, then the patient applies even more fierce measures. Anorexic in any way trying to get rid of the food, causes vomiting, hiding food, or giving pet.

Anorexia is divided into several types:

— anorexia neurotic (stress is overstimulation of cerebral cortex);

— anorexia neurodynamic nature (in the center of the brain is blocked, which is responsible for healthy appetite);

— anorexia mental (illness caused by schizophrenia, depression and other mental disorders).

The disease can cause thyroid disorders, and various abnormalities in the intestines or stomach, kidney failure, tumors of various organs, diseases of the oral cavity.

Often suffer from anorexia teenage girls. At this time there is significant change in body, his height. They themselves cease to be pleasant, the body seems wrong. Then there is a desire to lose weight, which leads to anorexia.

The signs of the disease:

— A strong desire to lose weight, even if it is normal.

— Fear of gaining weight even a few grams.

— Constant focus on the problem of food.

— The constant refusal to eat or eating it in insufficient quantities.

— The habit of cutting meat in small pieces.

— Daily sport activities with increased allowable loads.

— In clothing, the choice falls on a baggy model.

How does the body

If the body a long time do not get the nutrients, it develops degenerative condition. Then there is complete exhaustion or cachexia. It is manifested by hair loss, golodaniem of the extremities, bradycardia, muscle atrophy, absence of menstruation.


To treat anorexia needs a psychiatrist. Only he can understand the reason of its occurrence. The other doctors can only support the body during the critical state and to remove the related symptoms. To cure the main problem they can not. Treatment can take a lot of time. The anorexic is hard to get used to the food, to force myself to love my body.

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