What is contraception

Contraception is designed to protect against unwanted pregnancy. Nowadays there are several types of contraception. It is male and female. Female contraception is much more diverse. To choose a suitable option protection will help the attending physician, who will take into account side effects and contraindications.

Какой бывает контрацепция

Physiological contraception

Among physiological safety methods are distinguished: calendar, method of amenorrhea during breastfeeding contraception and temperature.

When nanorana protection is suppression of ovulation by prolactin, which is formed during breastfeeding. But it can take as little as six months after delivery and only with proper breastfeeding.

As for the calendar method, when there are safe and unsafe periods of the cycle. It is believed that the egg is released on the fourteenth day after the beginning of menstruation, and sperm live up to seven days inside the female body. From this and repel in the calculations. The effect is only at a regular menstruation.

Temperature protection differs from previous ones by the fact that the definition of ovulation occurs at high temperature. The basal temperature must be measured every day under certain conditions.

Other types of contraception

In addition to physiological contraception is still mechanical, intrauterine, hormonal, chemical, as well as female sterilization.

Mechanical contains the female condom or femidon, the cervical cap and vaginal diaphragm. These tools are completely safe, protect against diseases transmitted through sex, they don’t need to consult with a doctor, they have no side effects and contraindications. But you will also need to be accustomed to put on or to enter them before intercourse, they can slip down in the process, they may be allergic.

When intrauterine contraception inside the vagina enter the spiral, which will prevent the fertilization of an egg and sperm to poison. Cons — painful menstruation, possible loss of devices and the risk of pregnancy. However, the spiral can be used for five years and during breastfeeding.

Hormonal protection is good because it will only need to take pills or receive injections, sticking plasters. But of this large number of contraindications and no protection from diseases.

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