How to make 3D pencil of loom bands rainbowloom

Colorful and fun pencils that can be woven out of loom bands rainbowloom, perfectly complement the collection of figurines. Experiment with the colors or forms, you can create a whole family of pencils.

Как сплести объемный карандаш из резинок на станке

You will need

  • -gum pink; (49 PCs.);
  • -white gum (12 PCs.);
  • gum lemon-colored (20 PCs.);
  • -gum blue color (174 PCs.);
  • gum red (2 PCs.);
  • -elastic band in black color (1 PCs.);
  • -gum violet (2 PCs.)


1. Take 6 pairs of pink rubber bands and throw the machine in the form of a star thus.

2. Wrap around a Central column one pink gum four times. The hook will drop into the Central column and pull the elastic band is wound in four turns. Then hook the upper gum and flip to another column.

3. Throw again a pair of rubber bands for a circle pattern and crochet throw 4 erasers at each column with externally side.

4. Proplatit another 2 rows of stars in circles in the same way as you did earlier. In the end, you get the eraser of a pencil.

5. Next, take one white rubber band and wind the figure of eight on the bar.

6. The next step is the snapping of one more set of one rubber band in a circle without chiasm. Then it is necessary to capture the hook the lower part of the white gum, which was drawn by eight and fold from the outside.

7. Enter the hook in any column and slide a couple of rubber bands white color. Next, grab all rubber bands pink inside and remove from the column on the hook. The white gum, remaining on the column, throw, and pink return with the hook on the post.

8. Insert hook in any column, move the gum pink. Parallel to fasten on the hook a couple of rubber bands blue color, which must be pulled through gum pink. Blue rubber bands with hook back on the pole.

9. Remove the Central part of the pencil from the machine hook. Throw in a circle a pair of blue rubber bands and remove each bar from the outer side by four elastics. Repeat this process three times. In the end you’ll have several rows.

10. For the eyes, take a purple rubber band, wrap it around the hook four times. On the hook for a couple of blue elastic bands that you should throw off the purple elastic band. One for my other eye and pull on the machine. On the remaining bars throw on a pair of rubber bands blue color.

11. Proplatit a number of blue gum, removing from each bar on four outer gum. Then shape the cheeks in the same way as the eyes. Proplatit another series. For the mouth take one black rubber band, attach the hook in two turns. Grab hook blue gum the first column of the middle row, throw in those gum black gum and blue gum back on the post.

12. Proplatit consistently 7 series with blue rubber bands. This will be the main body of the pencil. The number of rows can be changed, if you want to make the pencil longer.

13. To narrow remove with extreme column of the middle row a couple of rubber bands and see which column belongs to this pair. Throw on the opposite column. In the end you should have four columns. Take 4 pairs of lemon-colored rubber bands and stretch in a circle in the shape of a rectangle. Proplatit two rows.

14. Further it is necessary to narrow the base of the stylus by removing the top rubber bands from the bars in throwing to the opposite. With each bar you can remove with 4 elastic bands on the outside.

15. Throw two pairs of rubber bands yellow color with two sides and remove the four lower bands from each column. Remove the remaining gum on a hook. Take the blue rubber band, wrap it around the finger in two turns and make a loop with the hook. To tighten the knot, grasp the far the rubber band on the hook and throw.

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