Simple volumetric garland with your own hands

This garland is very simple, and any special or expensive materials are not required.

Простая объемная гирлянда своими руками

For any holiday you can make this garland. Important advantages are the extreme simplicity of execution and the ability to modify it to your liking.

To create a garland with your own hands you will need construction paper, colored cotton thread (like «iris» or similar, i.e. not too thin), scissors, needle.


1. Out of colored construction paper cut into circles the same size (can be different).

2. Cut the thread to the correct size (I think the optimal length of thread 50 cm to 2 m).

3. String on a thread paper cups. So they did not slide on the vertical threads, after each mug tie the knot. The distance between circles can be arbitrary, but should not place them too rarely.

4. Each thread strung with her paper cups to tie the lace, which will be assigned in your room. Instead of lace you can take a thin rail.

Helpful hint: for mounting threads strung with circles, you can’t take straight-line basis and round (roll stiff wire in a circle shape and place it horizontally). In this case, your garland will remind mobile and can be hung in the middle of the room.

Please note that it is not necessary to cut paper items in the form of circles. Very nice look flowers, leaves and other simple forms.

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