How to care for a rose

Roses are loved for his wondrous delicate flavor, the elegance, the beauty, the joy that these beautiful flowers give people. Room rose is pleased with their beauty almost all year round, but like a true Queen requires attention.

Как ухаживать за розой

Potted roses

For growing room in the suit rose:

— everbearing – bloom twice a year;

— hybrid tea – a variety of different colors;

— polyanthus – floriferous, pleasant fragrance, lightweight colors;

— pernetiana – decorative, blooming until late autumn.

It must be the bushes growing on their own roots, grafted on the stem of wild rose in the indoor environment is difficult to maintain.

I bought a Bush at the store and brought home, do not rush to transplant, put on a light windowsill, free of other colors. Let the first will stand in splendid isolation, in quarantine, was infected with diseases and pests. Besides, a solitary flowering plant looks favorably and attracts attention.

How to care for potted rose

Will properly care for the rose, it will retain its decorative effect for six months (at least), will grow so that will provide the seedlings and all the friends. Potted rose likes light but does not tolerate high temperatures and dry air, especially in winter. The leaves turn pale, to become dry and fall off, a little laid buds, flowering is short.

Caring for roses includes proper watering. Don’t be lazy, spray them every 2-3 days, once a week, bathe under the shower. Spraying make boiled cooled water or a solution of fertilizer type «Cascade».

In dry air the flowers are more affected by pests. During the active growing season richly water the warm settled water, roses do not tolerate cold water, especially in the summer heat when the earth warmed in the container. With the end of flowering, watering can be reduced. The roots of plants must breathe, so must often loosen the soil in the pot, but do it carefully so as not to damage the roots.

The best place for roses will be South-West or South-East window, the South window in the home too hot in the summer rose – buds open and quickly disappear. Can pots with flowers to bring spring to the street, was added dropwise together with the container outside on a well-heated bed, and in the fall to clean the house – it would be beneficial for the growth and bloom of the Bush.

Before you place the Bush into the house, you must take hygiene measures: carefully inspect the plant, remove yellowed, blackened leaves and dry stems, rinse the leaves with warm soapy water to prevent pests. Of course, the best rose to transplant to a new container, but you can just replace the top layer of the soil.

Rose needs fresh air. There is no possibility to carry the flower in the garden from April to regularly ventilate the bathroom. In summer, keep the plant on the balcony, the terrace or by the open window. Stuffiness in the room greatly retards the growth and flowering of roses. Care for the rose home, means to make timely feeding, it needs fertile soil. Feed during the flowering – every 7 days make a fertilizer for flowering plants.

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