Prove that the ICA stones

In 1966, Peruvian physician Javier Cabrera received an unusual birthday gift – a smooth black stone engraved with the image. These stones were discovered in excavations near the city of ICA, were sold to collectors oikeios in Latin America called hunters for antiquities. The situation, when ancient objects of scientific value, come to the black market – unfortunately, not uncommon, but this case seemed exceptional: the ICA stones demanded revision of all the existing perceptions of history.

Камень Ики с изображением трицератопса

For 30 years Dr. H. Cabrera collected an extensive collection of artifacts known as the «stones of ICA». There are small stones weighing 15-20 g and large, up to 0.5 tons, mostly black, but there are also gray, beige and even pink. The technology of engraving drawings and their style matches drevnerusskoi culture, but the stories threatened a true revolution in science. Here the ancient Peruvians see heavenly bodies with a telescope, that surgeons perform the surgery of organ transplants, but people hunt dinosaurs and even go on riding… the ICA Stones were questioning not only the history of mankind, but also the periods of life on Earth.

These artifacts were caused the great interest fans of alternative history and the creationists, but scientists don’t trust they inspired. First of all, no archaeologist during the excavations they found, and to check the words «black archeologists» was not possible. I think that scientists interested in would be if the stones depicted dinosaurs that actually lived on the territory of modern South America, but they were different species: Brontosaurus, Triceratops – their remains on the territory of Peru is not found, but they are very known to the public. Particularly suspicious was the similarity of the stones: they were not just made in the same style, but as if one and the same hand.

The answer was found in 1975 – not scientists, and policemen. Two Peruvians – Uchuya Basilio and Irma gutiérrez de Aparcana – sold tour like the stones allegedly found inside the cave. When they were prosecuted for trafficking in archaeological antiquities, they admitted that they manufactured themselves. The wizard has been doing this for a long time, among those to whom they sold the stones, was and Dr. Cabrera. The samples they used were comics, pictures from magazines and textbooks – that is why the stones were engraved the most famous dinosaur species.

Despite this recognition, the story of the ICA stones continues to haunt the minds of nonscientific people. It has been suggested that Uchuya Aparcana and lied to – after all, for trafficking in antiquities they were threatened with solid prison term, and both had families, children… But no evidence, podtverzhdayuschyh the authenticity of the stones, was not found. There is no indication of coexistence of humans and dinosaurs, there’s no trace of high-tech civilizations in pre-Columbian America.

Science Museum of Javier Cabrera, founded by the discoverer of the ICA stones, still exists. In 2012, stone exhibition was held in the Darwin Museum in Moscow. Many scholars took it as a shame for such a solid institution, but it should be recognized that the ICA stones were worth studying – because this is a very interesting example of folk art of the 20th century. So to them and should be treated.

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