First sex: be a better man than her ex

First sex with a new partner is always a very exciting event. You’re worried if she’ll like it, seem your lingam is really great, will you be able to meet all the needs of beauty. Don’t panic! Women are nervous before the first sex with a new man no less. Just be yourself and try to guess the wishes of the female partner.

Первый секс: будь лучше, чем ее экс

First sex with a new partner, how to overcome shyness

Young people with big sexual experience is often shy new girl so that they can not do it in bed. The blood rushes to the head, and not to the right place, and instead of sex the girl goes to night of psychoanalysis, when she says to her partner that everything will turn out. Maybe someday, and most likely not with her.

To such oversights did not happen, don’t obsess on the fact that this is the first night and you have to be perfect. Try to forget about his doubts, better start thinking about how to show a girl fun. Prepare in advance if you don’t know what women want. Porn films, picture book — sexy all the ammunition at your disposal. Look what, where and how. Better yet — read women’s forums. You’ll find the answers to all the questions and hear the opinions of everyday girls and not porn Actresses or abstruse psychotherapist of world renown.

Sex be better than her ex

The sex with a new partner was smooth, remember the rule — for the first time don’t practice the Kama Sutra and use scary sex toys. Be affectionate and attentive — that’s enough for now. Until you know the erogenous zones of each other and hardly discussed in advance favorite poses. So you have to be tougher than any agent and to follow the slightest change of mood of the girl during sex.

Please pay special attention to? Print these clues and sazabi them by heart.

  • In bed watch as the girl collapses. If she’s trying to crawl out from under you, then you are doing something wrong. Perhaps she is not excited, it is painful and unpleasant. Conclusion — you hastened by frictions, immediately take out his fortress and take care of her clitoris. And in General, do not enter the penis before to make sure that lubrication is sufficient. Gently insert the finger into the vagina. If it’s wet, go ahead.
  • If you caress and kiss the Breasts of the girl, and she looks at you with a straight face — stop it. Many women unpleasant touch to the nipples. Try to Pat her on the back and hips — the reaction you will like.
  • You have it all, and she is left without orgasm? Your fingers and tongue to help you. Think about your partner, she was excited about tonight, so let him get a decent finish.
  • After sex hug and kiss your partner. Offer to go together to the shower, give her a relaxing massage. Attention is what you need now girl. Surround her with care, offer water and fruit. If you did everything correctly, then very soon she will be ready for a second time.
  • For the first time, be active, show that you’re a man. Then you can play mistress and slave. And during the first sex most women are waiting for initiatives from the partner. Moreover, your girlfriend will be very pleased to know that she excites you so much that you just can not restrain themselves.
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