A harmonious relationship in a pair, the imago dialogue and the relationship partners

A harmonious relationship is a result of long labour couple. In many people there is a misconception about the fact that a person falls in love, starts a family and that’s enough. But time shows that strong relationships require constant work.

Гармоничные отношения в паре

Over the years there is more and more disagreement between the spouses. Often forgotten is the usual word for «thank you». Gratitude is expressed to the beloved except on holidays. Why is this happening and is it possible to regain closeness?

The reasons for these are to us the most. In the current quick and hectic time someone forgets, someone does not have time to pay enough attention to its second half. Unwillingness a better understanding of each other also leads to a cooling of feelings.

What is the chance? It’s very large, you only need the desire to work on their understanding. Do not be afraid of the word «work», because the relations inherent in the rule «what you put into it – and get so much». Today, to solve problems, many have resorted to the technique of imago therapy.

For the first time he began to use American psychotherapists of Harvill Hendrix and Helen hunt, which has achieved significant results. The essence of the idea of imago therapy is the openness of partners, their ability to trust the partner. The main objectives are the reunification of partners, and the development of listening skills.

To solve the problems they propose keeping the imago dialogue. With it partners channel their energy and emotions to understanding and compassion. This gives you the opportunity to experience the beauty of intimacy and forgotten the peaceful feeling of love.

The sequence of the dialogue is divided into 4 stages:

1. The creation of an enabling environment, i.e. you must not interfere with anyone.

2. Choose someone who will speak first and who will listen to and repeat words of the speaker.

3. «Talking» I have to say three sentences about gratitude partner.

4. Listener repeats the words heard.

When speaking listens to the words he said, he needs to feel his words with the hand, rethink it. If you decide to cope with their problems, you will help in this special video lessons. If you want to attend trainings, seminars on this subject. But if this is you, then be sure to seek help from a specialist.

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