First pregnancy: how to stop being afraid?

During pregnancy a woman goes in for her atypical situation, often find themselves alone with their experiences.

Первая беременность: как перестать бояться?

All our fears stem from thoughts. For example, the idea that the child will be born underdeveloped, with deviations, the delivery will be unsuccessful, after the birth of a child will end your career and personal freedom, and financial burden will be unbearable.

First we need to gather strength and face your fears. Remember, nothing happens if you don’t get nervous, worry and sadness, thus causing moral and physical harm to your child. Serious complications are extremely rare, and even if that happens, you much amenable to medical treatment. In the modern world, a pregnant woman undergoes a variety of tests and analyses, thereby minimizing the risk of serious diseases.

First pregnancy is almost always clouded by worries and fears before birth. Timely preparation and positive attitude will help overcome negative thoughts. Learn the stages of labor, natural pain relief methods, decide whether to attend the birth, someone from the family read the comments on hospitals.

One of the key steps in overcoming fear is to realize that your life will be a new member of the family, without which you will not imagine your life. Communicate with him, read stories, listen to your favorite music. Relax as much as possible, ask for help in household chores ones. Take pleasure in choosing children’s clothes and furnishing the baby’s room.

Relieve their negative emotions with art therapy: drawing, modeling, creativity. Discuss your fears with loved ones, and if this does not help, contact your perinatal psychologist.

During the first pregnancy is a particularly important issue for the attractiveness of the man she loved. The increasing belly and thighs, stretch marks, puffiness give more self-confidence. But all this is an exaggeration, your husband understands that this is a temporary phenomenon. After delivery, with due attention you will quickly come into shape.

The more in the life of the future mother of positive and joyful moments, the less fear fills her mind. Enjoy every moment of his new status, because nothing brings more positive emotions than the emergence of a new life.

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