How to get a man to marry: top 8 tips

Most opinion polls have pointed to the fact that men prefer to be in the so-called free relations. However, they did not hesitate, all around say that they are bachelors, when their companion at this point, I think that they were married. So how to force the young man to propose?

Как заставить мужчину жениться?

1. In any case, do not bother to the man. It should always be in some sense a free man and have their own space. If he wants to go to a meeting with friends, you should not interfere with it.

2. In no way should it be customized to do offer. Moreover, do not precede it with any conditions and do not blackmail him. Men do not like to be backed into a corner.

3. Not worth the day long whining about the fact that you want a big wedding. To the woman in this situation can stick to certain reputation boring that is not good.

4. Do not try to speed up the process, with suggestions first pregnancy. At this point you need to remember that if a man wants to leave forever, then no child will not stop him.

5. Become for the elect is simply irreplaceable. Maybe not all, but many issues surely. Need a man accustomed to the fact that it is you do for him. Furthermore, it perfectly sees, what gives you pleasure and that you all are doing great.

6. Ease tell him that in marriage nothing will change.

7. Constantly tell your man that you understand him very well and that no one else will be able to understand him as well. Talking about his talents, about his beauty, intelligence and the male charm, praise and truly appreciate her man.

8. Try as often as possible together to watch the films we are talking about the eternal values of each family. The main thing that the picture was romantic and there was genuinely happy family. At the time joint viewing, you can softly whisper in his ear that you just like family life and dream. Just don’t say this phrase very often. One time for all time view will suffice.

Following these simple rules, your man will ripen much faster and strongly will make a long-awaited proposal of marriage.

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