How to help your child to pass the exam

The support of parents is very important during the exam preparation. Of course, parents too worried and worried for their child, but need to pull myself together and help him cope with the first important and responsible period in his life.

Как помочь ребенку сдать ЕГЭ

The main task of parents is to create a comfortable environment at home and not to interfere with the child to prepare for exams. Remember, your peace of mind and confidence in the knowledge your child is the best help for him.

Don’t intimidate the child, endlessly reminding him how difficult and important to successfully pass the exam. This will only increase his emotional tension, which will prevent him to focus on school.

Believe in the success of the child,encourage it as often as possible. It stimulates and inspires optimism, increases efficiency.

Give your graduatea comfortable working space. Help him learn how to distribute the examination time and to use it optimally. It is important to help the child to identify their strengths: favorable climate and in time to learn what is causing the obstruction and not to stop on the light for him.

Help the child to arrangea convenient dayand provide it with adequate nutrition.

Helpful hint: include in the child’s diet such products as fish, cheese, nuts and dried fruit. They stimulate the brain. By the way, do not deny the child in different Goodies, if he really wants.

Don’t forget that before the test, the child musthave rest and sleep, it is important to follow.

Do not overload the child, make sure he was doing the breaks for restand food.

And, according to tradition, on the morning before the exam give your child a tile of dark chocolateand wish him good luck.

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