Thermostat for shower

Термостат для душа

To fully enjoy showering can prevent tedious setting the temperature manually. All these attempts to adjust comfortable water, alternately pulling the levers, able to ruffle anyone. Especially if you occasionally gushes over the boiling water, ice water.

To get rid of this problem once and for all will help the thermostat for the shower. Otherwise it is called a thermostatic mixer. Gradually, he from overseas of the exotic turns into a common device. It supports automatically once the desired water temperature for comfortable hand washing and showering.

How does the thermostat for the soul?

Control the thermostat, you can use two regulators, one regulates the water pressure, the other her temperature. Most often, the knob is located to the right temperature, and pressure on the left.

To lock the specified water pressure, you press the button on the handle. As for the second indicator, usually a thermostat bath and shower, including tropical, sell to preset a comfortable shower temperature. As a rule, this indicator is about 38-40 degrees Celsius. But if you want to specify another, it is possible.

The thermostat during operation, immediately responds to changes in water pressure and temperature by adjusting the mixing ratio of hot and cold tap water. If the flow of cold water for some reason stops, the thermostat automatically cuts the supply pressure.

Thus, the crane-a thermostat for the shower protects you from all sorts of troubles like changes in temperature and pressure. Even if in the process of bathing someone opens the faucet in the kitchen, it will not affect your comfortable showering.

Features of installation thermostat for the shower

Just want to note the fact that the execution is not from electricity, and connects directly to the water supply system. It is completely safe, moreover, does not depend on the presence or absence of electricityТермостат для душа in the house.

Important when installing not to mix cold and hot water in some places, otherwise the unit will not work correctly. This question is relevant for the reason that often people get a thermostat designed for the European system of water supply, when hot water is supplied to the right and cold is on the left, whereas in the post-Soviet space often mirror opposite of the eyeliner.

To cope with this problem by purchasing a thermostat chrome Grohe or Oras, in the line of goods which are the thermocouples for a reverse connection.

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