Nozzle for polishing the hair

Насадка для полировки волос

Very often girls who have decided to grow long beautiful hair, face the problem of split ends. They spoil all the impression of the hair, hair because they look untidy and unkempt. We have again and again the cut ends, thereby removing the length. In the end to grow his hair and fails.

Fortunately, progress does not stand still, and instead of hot scissors, giving only short-term results, was invented a special attachment for polishing the hair. What does it represent?

Until recently we did not know what the name of the attachment for polishing the hair. Today most girls are already aware of the magical devices called HG Polishen. It is able to return the beauty, smoothness and luster faded hair and posekim.

What does it mean polishing the tips of the hair attachment?

The principle of operation of the device is quite simple: the clippers need to wear head-polisher and hold it a few times from the roots aligned and stretched the hair until their tips.

During the polishing, hair cut machine, but no need to be scared, because this happens without sacrificing hair length. The procedure lasts, depending on length of hair, from half an hour to an hour and a half.

Polishing hair has the following advantages over a haircut hot scissors:

  • the procedure removes 90-100% poexala the tips of the hair over the entire length;
  • with its help it is possible to preserve the length of the hair (the tips are cut by only 0.3-1 cm);
  • after the procedure, the hair looks just perfect, well-groomed and lively;
  • to carry out the procedure not only in salons, but at home (purchase nozzle can be in specialized stores or over the Internet).

How to do hair polishing nozzle?

Inside, the procedure costs a lot – almost as haircut for long hair. Because once it is advisable to spend some amount on a purchase nozzles and use it on their own. So a few treatments you will justify its purchase, will also be able to help your friends and relatives with a similar problem.

So, manual is connected to the polishing hair similar to the following:


  • Bought and printed the attachment goes on the clippers.
  • Before the procedure your head to wash, blow dry or wait for it to dry itself, then straighten your hair utjuzhkom, pulling them strand by strand.
  • Then all the hair should be divided into zones as in conventional cutting the hair.
  • If you have hair of different lengths, that is, a graduated haircut, the strands need to pull it downward and hold the machine with the nozzle along their entire length. If the hair have the same length, the strands pulled up, thereby you specify the maximum graduation.
  • At the end of the procedure, it only remains to gently trim the ends to give the hair the same length.


Sure, hair polisher once and forever change your attitude to the problem poexala ends. Your strands will again have the chance to look well groomed and healthy with no perceptible loss in length.

Насадка для полировки волос

We should not expect that the polisher at a time will solve the problem with the tips – they will still be split, such is their nature. But for the next 4 -6 months you will forget about the problem and will enjoy the beauty and health of their hair.

Of course, only one procedure polishing is not enough to permanently keep the hair without split ends. You need to do regular oil mask, use a conditioner after each shampooing, periodically applied to the roots, the vitamins A and E – in short, to care for their hair.

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