Labrador — feature breed

Лабрадор - характеристика породы

The Labrador is an extremely popular breed of dog. The reasons are many, first of all, amazingly friendly and genuine nature of this breed, as well as visual appeal. Feature dog Labrador includes such qualities of the species as mobility and strong attachment to masters, the love of children and a peaceful disposition.

Features and characteristics of the breed

Labradors were originally bred as hunting dogs. From their ancestors a large Newfoundland dog they inherited a strong physique, activity, mobility and agility. Domesticated dogs of this breed have retained a great hunting instinct and a special soft grip game for the filing of its master. If you want to get a dog at the same time for the house and for hunting, the Labrador is the best choice.

The main characteristics of the breed include:


  • Friendliness and cheerfulness. Labrador is ready to make friends and play with anyone. He is especially attached to the children, because they, like naughty dogs, and love outdoor romps. Labradors are completely devoid of aggression, they are quite unusual fearfulness or fear of the unknown. Unusual things or strangers cause they have a mischievous curiosity and a desire to play. These dogs are hard to tolerate the loneliness and forced inactivity. If you leave the dog alone for a long time, she could leave the house, escaping from the sadness.
  • Optimism, energy and goodwill. This dog is extremely playful, he’s always waiting or searching for adventure. With proper and timely education of energy Labradors can be used in a variety of ways. This breed hardly suitable for protection, but here’s a helper he’ll make a wonderful. He firmly attached to his master and has a dedication and willingness to help.
  • Natural intelligence and great wit. Representatives of this species occupy 7th place among the dogs in intellect. And in combination with the desire to make friends and to pleasure it gives excellent results when education. Labradors are perfectly trainable, because of their innate intelligence, docile nature and unique ability to attached to people. It is very important to start to teach and train a dog, because without the concept of the master’s order and discipline, he can become very playful and naughty beast.


When adopting and owning a Labrador it is important to remember that these dogs great importance to a high level of mobility. The dog need a lot of walking and actively playing from the heart only the right pet can be calm at home, otherwise mischief on his part not to pass.

Labrador Retriever and related breeds with a common origin. Characteristic species by external features and behavioural factors largely coincide. Golden retrievers have the same friendliness, playfulness, ingenuity and enormous patience. They are easily trained, perfectly amenable to taming, active, cheerful and flexible. Retrievers, like Labradors, are tolerant of children they make good nurses, guides, and helpers for people with disabilities.

Training and education

Another feature of the Labrador is his memory, while raising the dogs of this breed can be used up to 300 teams. In principle, without any need for training can be limited to a standard set of commands. Great intelligence, wit and natural kindness make Labradors the best nurses, assistants, assistantsЛабрадор - характеристика породы for people with disabilities.

Children and youth in Labrador period can last up to 3 years of age, up to the moment when they themselves become parents. For this reason, you should not expect Mature and start to train a dog with six-month of age. Even 3-month-old puppies are already able to accept simple commands. Labradors can bring any items to turn on and off light.

Education Labradors and retrievers are best left to a specialist. This breed was developed a few programs that by choice of the landlord can be applied in training. At home you should try as much as possible and more often to load the dog a job, it will be for them and fun game and will give the opportunity to expend their boundless energy.

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