Where in Russia is growing ginger?

Где в России растет имбирь?

Many of us know ginger as a spice that gives dishes and drinks a special piquancy. Besides, it’s incredibly useful. However, few people think, where it grows and in growing ginger in Russia or brought to us from overseas countries.

In fact, the birthplace of ginger are Southeast Asia and Western India. There it grows in abundance. Unfortunately, wild ginger is practically displaced by his brother cultivated, which are cultivated on vast plantations on an industrial scale. The plant actively grows in Vietnam, Japan, China, Argentina, Brazil and Jamaica. But where is the ginger grown in Russia and grown?

The cultivation of ginger in Russia

In the wild you’re unlikely to meet a ginger in our latitudes, because the plant chooses more warm and humid climate. But in gardens and on window-sills some desperate agronomists ginger is growing in Russia. And with proper care, they have all successfully obtained.

To plant ginger need in open Sunny places where there is stagnant groundwater. You can grow it in pots or large boxes on the porch or windowsill. In any case, you will be able to get a decent harvest, if you provide the plant close to the usual climate.

Of course, the yield of ginger grown in Central Russia will be different from, say, Brazilian or Vietnamese – all the same the climate is cooler. However, to get the roots, usable, is still possible.

How and where in Russia is growing ginger?

If you decide to engage in cultivation of this beautiful and useful plants, be aware that at home he grows as an annual plant. Reproduction takes place by division of the rhizome. They should be planted in early spring – in March or April, as soon as can stand warm weather.

To grow ginger, buy a root with several well-developed buds. As the soil is fit and fertile loam with a high humus content.Где в России растет имбирь? Before planting the soil should be dug and make furrows 15-20 cm deep. They lay delenki the spine at intervals of 25-30 cm.

In the open ground should be planted delenki up vegetative buds and sprinkle fertile soil. Soon ginger will sprout, will direct the stems similar to canes. Ginger blooms with orange-yellow or brown flowers, similar to spikes.

Ginger root will be ready to eat after 6-7 months after planting, when the ground part it will turn yellow. Dig them up and give a few minutes to toast in the sun. In the context root should be light yellow. If the root is white on the inside, this suggests that he is not yet matured.

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