The great benefit of weeds?

Какую пользу приносят сорняки?

Surprisingly, the more a person tries to make their orders in the course of things, the more nature resists him. The more we invent chemicals to control insects, the larger species get. This applies to weed control: at the present time it is almost impossible to survive the plot. And is it necessary?

Weeds between the beds — benefit or harm?

Indeed, but is it really so harmful to these guests for our sites? Because nature always acts reasonably, and only at first glance it seems to us unnecessary to harmful. But the modern approach to this issue radically changed. Now we first decide what good are weeds, and then put that on the scales with damage.

It turns out that with only one couch to «negotiate» you will never be able to, and it really inhibits the growth of many crops, especially potatoes. Otherwise, use weed only at first glance is not visible, and the damage in fact is the place to be only at the stage of seed germination, while there is a struggle for a place under the sun.

How to use weed?

There is a real use of these plants in your yard. And many people do not realize the great benefit of weeds is actually:
The simplest thing you can determine in the study of weeds on the plot — the soil condition. For example, bottlebrush feels comfortable only on acidified soil. Once carried out the neutralization, it’ll be gone. But if you noticed that for the second year in a row between the beds of potatoes settled quinoa, it is a signal about necessity to change the landing site. Even the bottom of the undoubted benefits of weeds is their ability to indicate fatigue of the soil. Please note, do not begin to weed bloom in late summer or early fall.

You will be surprised, but weed actually healing. Какую пользу приносят сорняки?Both for humans and crops. Even the simplest of weeds mulching helps to retain moisture and not allow the plant to die. That’s why some gardeners deliberately do not weed the beds with cucumbers or similar cultures. Large leaves lose moisture quickly, so that the weed in this case it helps culture not to die. Usually gets along well with melons sow Thistle. Stinging nettle a good neighbor, if your goal is to protect the plants from pests.

In fact, many weeds are simply edible. And do not neglect that knowledge. Even the most common burdock, to the surprise of many, the composition of vitamins and minerals can easily compete with white cabbage, so it is used to cook salads and even soup. Healing weed, nettles, and it may, just a storehouse of vitamins. But a real relative of spinach, is quinoa.

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