Chinese samovar

Китайский самовар

For our people, just the inscription «made in China» is somewhat alarming. Really, well what could be the samovar in China, if they only drink tea with all sorts of honors and traditions. And for those who’ve had the pleasure to hold in your hands the Chinese hot pot samovar, the news is that it was a samovar. What he is so unique and original?

Chinese samovar Ho Guo (hot pot)

To get an idea of how it looks Oriental miracle, visually quite a bit to flatten our native samovar, then remove the tap. Yes, and instead of tea to put in there the meat with vegetables. Not surprisingly, Chinese samovar and samovar.

In fact, it is really design, incredibly similar to the samovar. She has double bottom and the hollow cylinder in the middle. The lower part along with a hollow cylinder to form something like a furnace. In the upper compartment of the samovar Chinese hot pot you pour water and put the meat or vegetables. All this cover with a lid to obtain the desired temperature for cooking. But in fact the dish is still not cooked, but rather stewed. Why it happen and especially tender pieces of meat. By the way, if we translate the name «Chinese samovar», you will get something like a fiery cauldron.

There is huge demand for this kind of samovar hot pot. The so-called Mandarin duck allows you to cook two dishes at the same time. The upper part is partitioned by a wall, visually it is curved in the shape of the sign Yin-Yang. But it’s not just another invention for easy cooking and time saving. Chinese samovar of Ho go with such a partition, like the embodiment of the teachings: we are so different, but still cooked in one pot. It is also a demonstration of the approach to food in the East: not so much important the ingredients, but the thoroughness and duration of cooking.

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