What is the minimum age to use a Walker?

С какого возраста можно использовать ходунки?Still tense debate about what age you can use infant walkers. There are ardent opponents of this invention for kids, as well as those who are actively advocating their use, just as the baby starts to hold his head. Let’s see who is right after all, and is there a happy middle that should be followed.

What is the minimum age to put into the Walker boy?

Here is the same law as for ordinary sitting. That is, in six months the boy for a few minutes a day you can put in a Walker. To discover them it will be enough five minutes. It is important that the baby was in a good mood, otherwise the new thing he will not like it, and your purchase will be gathering dust in a dark corner.

The boy sits in the Walker follows cautiously, as if embarrassed kids, have a history of physiological phimosis, can get inflammation of the foreskin. This is due to uncomfortable seats, in which the baby similar to a skydiver. Besides the genital organs, in this fixture peredelyvayut chubby legs, causing poor circulation.

What is the minimum age to use a Walker girl?

The girls recommended the planting in the Walker for a couple of weeks later than the boys, i.e. six and a half months. No one has found the relationship of early use and gynecological problems, but the probability of this is. Particularly harmful long stay in the walkers, which can lead to inflammation, in particular vaginitis.

But age is one thing, and most of all, parents should focus on the readiness of the child to the seat in the Walker. To do this, he must already be able a long time to keep the body upright and not to fall on its side.

How long can baby sit in Walker?

In addition to the wrong age, health problems may arise due to the fact that the mother abused the walkers, that is, leaving the baby in them. Unfortunately, this situation is not uncommon, when parents boast that thanks to the Walker much easier their lives and the child can play for hours in them.

So the baby was him not harm, leave him to play in the Walker no more than 30-40 minutes a day. This time doctors recommend as safe for a child.

Possible cons when using a Walker

If you do not adhere to recommended by doctors of the age, from what you can use a Walker for a child, there is a risk to acquire or aggravate existing health problems baby:

  • flat feet;
  • curvature of the spine;
  • phimosis in boys;
  • hypertonicity of the muscles of the legs;
  • the curvature of the legs in patients with rickets;
  • diaper rash crotch.

In addition to effects on the health of the child, walkers can be dangerous for him because of the instability. This is especially true of the cheap plastic walkers made without any standards and calculations. Often these kids turn in, especially when you bend sideways at the fallen toy. Therefore, you should only choose a quality product and not to save on child safety.

С какого возраста можно использовать ходунки?When parents have already decided on how many months you can use a Walker for your baby, you should strictly adhere to security measures. They are that the child was constantly under supervision, because in the event of a coup or trying to get out of Walker, toddler could get hurt or just scared.

To minimize the negative impact of the adaptations on the formation of the foot, the baby should wear shoes with hard soles and high heel. Moreover, it is necessary to adjust the height themselves walkers or seats, so that the child was not hanging in them, and rested the legs on the floor. In any case, you cannot use this vehicle is near the stairs to the lower floor in private homes.

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