Baby walkers-wheelchair

Детские ходунки-каталка The older the child becomes, the more attention it requires from others. But the busy household chores the mother is not always able to fully satisfy this need of the child, and then in the course are a variety of toys for the development of independent activity.

Well established baby walkers-wheelchair that can permanently attract the child’s attention and will be useful not only at home but also on a walk in the warmer months. Some confuse them with a Walker in which the baby sits, but it’s a completely different device – let’s find out about its advantages.

For what age are a Walker-a wheelchair?

In contrast to the «sedentary» Walker, in which mothers seated with kids literally half a year, walkers and other equipment designed for toddlers aged 12 months, that is for kids who are beginning to walk. But this does not mean that 9 or 10 months to use them cannot.

So walkers-wheelchairs for children under one year is also permitted, provided that the baby snake is quite independent and stands firmly on the legs. With their help, kids this age have mastered the skill of walking without fear of falling.

In this role the old days were wooden kitchen rolling pin, which were presented to the toddler that couldn’t decide to go. He was sure that it rests for support and a much more confident did your first step. Now the rolling pin was replaced by a convenient bed upon which the child is comfortable to move around.

Types of wheelchairs-walkers for children

Kids love new toys, especially if they are bright and interesting. Baby Walker-a wheelchair just because of this category. In addition to its purpose to support the baby, they can perform other functions.

Very popular with the kiddies walkers accessible in the form of animals. This may be the Hippo, cow or dog. And if this toy is equipped with sorting device, with which kids learn shapes and colors that delight toddlers. Such wheelchairs often serve other functions – music buttons with different melodies, led lights and various moving wheels and levers.

Детские ходунки-каталка

For those who love simplicity in everything, suitable trolley-the trolley, which can be loaded with all your toys or to sit down himself. It is made entirely of durable eco-friendly material – wood.

Детские ходунки-каталка

Painted wooden is a very interesting Walker-the gurney in the shape of the letter A. the Child is very comfortable to hold on to them, they are quite stable, and therefore safe for the baby. On the front face there are all kinds of toys – xylophone, abacus, various moving figures.

Детские ходунки-каталка

Kids love the bright walkers-wheelchairs made of plastic. They are comfortable to hold and as a support may be a handrail or handlebar, just like a real car. Like wood, these walkers are equipped with a lot of educational parts – handset, buttons and levers, pulling which one can hear the melodious sound.

Детские ходунки-каталка

The girls like combined with stroller Walker toy, in which you can ride their favorite doll. Thanks to rubber coated wheels, this wheelchair will be stable on any surface and therefore safe for the baby.

Детские ходунки-каталка

The boys also will have to taste typewriter-colocar for which they can stand, pushing it in front of him or to ride, sitting on a comfortable seat. The machine is equipped with a steering wheel which drives the wheels, and a signal button.

Детские ходунки-каталка

Whatever model is not acquired parents as a gift to your baby, the main criterion for this choice should be the safety of toys – stability, no small parts, durable housing material, the quality of the material from which it is made.

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