How many temperature for the flu in children?

Сколько держится температура при гриппе у детей?With the onset of autumn frosts are activated all kinds of viruses that cause the flu. You can catch him anywhere – in transport, in school, kindergarten and even in the Elevator, next to the sick man. And because it is very important during the outbreak as little as possible to contact with a large mass of people, walking in parks, squares, and at the time to cancel entertainment events.

Probably the most difficult in the course of influenza in children is fever that literally exhausts the body. On child painful to watch – even yesterday, he laughed and frolicked, and today is lethargic, refuses to eat, drink, naughty. And the temperature stubbornly refuses to subside, and if it strays by a few tenths of a degree, then just for an hour, and then rises again.

What temperature is the flu in children?

The flu strain, which picked up the child and the ability of the child’s body resistance to infection affect the temperature in the stage of the disease. Usually, it is a very high – 39-40°C, and sometimes even exceed critical level.

If the mother cannot cope with such large numbers, the temperature does not subside, the child refuses to drink, the treatment at home is highly undesirable. Better if the baby will be under the supervision of doctors, who will not allow a critical situation.

In some cases the temperature does not rise too strongly and is at the level of 38-39°C. Even if the kid got sick in the midst of the epidemic, it is not necessarily the flu. The diagnosis can put only a doctor, and not in absentia, and on the basis of the analyses.

The duration of the acute phase of the disease

Most concerned parents care how many days he had fever from the flu in children. This question cannot be answered unambiguously, as the duration of the disease in the acute phase depends on many factors.

It and overall health of the sick, and its ability to fight viral infection, the presence or absence of bed rest (important for teenagers), a type of influenza virus (strain), adequate or inappropriate care, child care during illness.

In addition, the duration of the period with increased temperature depends on the presence of complications such as pneumonia, otitis media and other disorders. That is, in total, in severe influenza with complications, the time when the child does not fall high temperature, can be stretched to even two weeks.

On average, the duration of the disease is 5-7 days. That is high fever from the flu in children lasts as long as it takes the body to overcome the virus. She is reduced to the fifth-seventh day, but only with proper treatment and compliance with the recommendations of a physician.

When parents know how many days he had fever from the flu in a child, and this limit has already been exceeded, then there is a disease and is not going to pass, most likely to the main viral disease is connected to a secondary infection caused by the bacterium.

Сколько держится температура при гриппе у детей?To suspect the complication of influenza is possible in the course of illness of the child. If the temperature began to decrease gradually after the acute stage of the disease, and then again jumped to a critical level, the urgent need to consult a doctor – most likely inflammation of the lungs, which happens often, or another complication.

In addition to high temperature, the mother should be alerted increased cough, wheezing when breathing, complaints of pain in his back and chest. The sooner you start treatment for complications from influenza, the better the prognosis for recovery. And if influenza virus infection is not treatable with antibiotics, if bacterial they need.

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