How many days after your period ovulation occurs?

Через сколько дней после месячных наступает овуляция?The first menstruation in girls begins on average at age 12-14, which indicates the body’s ability to conceive. But we know that you can not get pregnant at any time, as required for fertilization and other conditions. One of them is ovulating, and it determines the possibility of conception. Question calculate the number of days that most likely the pregnancy, relevant to many girls, including for those who dream about the kid. Every woman is useful to know about processes happening in her body, because many people want to know how many days after menstruation is ovulation. This knowledge will help those couples who are planning to become parents, but do not use such calculations for contraception because this method is not reliable.

The process of ovulation

The menstrual cycle is divided into phases, and the first of them takes place in the ovary maturation of the follicle. It develops the egg. When she is ready to be fertilized, the follicle breaks. The egg leaves him and moves to the uterine tubes. This condition is known as ovulation. Now if it meets a sperm, conception happens. If this does not happen, the egg is released with menstruation. In this case, another chance to become pregnant appears only in the new cycle.

It is important to know that the viability of the egg is stored for a limited time, usually about a day. These terms can vary, in some they amount to 48 hours, while others are reduced to 12.

How to calculate ovulation?

Standard cycle is 28 days and in the middle (day 14) the egg is released from the follicle. How many days after menstruation is ovulation accurately you cannot say, as the duration of menstrual bleeding can vary. It is known that normal menstruation can last 3-6 days. Because properly carry out all calculations with the first day of menstruation, and that it is the beginning of a new cycle. This approach is used gynecologists in the calculation of gestational age. Women with a 28-day cycle it is necessary to remember that ovulation usually celebrated on the 14th day.

But this information will not help everyone, therefore it should be supplemented by certain refinements. Not all girls have a standard cycle, its duration can be 23-35 days. In this case, it is necessary to remember that ovulation comes 2 weeks before a new menstruation. If the girl has regular periods, it is not difficult to deduct the number of days in cycle 14. The resulting value will indicate the time of ovulation. For example, if your cycle is 32 days, if this is the number you need to take away 14, it appears that the egg is ready for fertilization on day 18 from the start of menstruation. Due to the nature of the organism may vary 1-2 days.

If girls menstruation is not regular, then it will be difficult to determine, in how many days after your period ovulation occurs. In this situation you can use a special pharmacy tests. Also an auspicious time to conceive in a particular cycle can be set by using ultrasound. Some are charts of basal temperature, which also help to better understand the body.

Signs of ovulation

Careful observation of their own feelings will help you figure out when the best time to plan conception. Через сколько дней после месячных наступает овуляция?This evidence may say about the maturation of the egg:

  • increased libido;
  • pain in the abdomen;
  • discharge, which in nature is often compared with chicken protein;
  • changes in mood;
  • sensitivity in the breast.

But even regular monthly, it is possible that ovulation can come earlier or later than the expected time. This fact influenced by stress, climate change, health.

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