Prevention of swine flu in pregnant women

Профилактика свиного гриппа у беременныхAny disease while carrying the baby is extremely undesirable for women. But, unfortunately, sick during this period, very real. Especially dangerous outbreak of influenza pandemic, as they carry not only health but also life. Because so important the prevention of swine flu in pregnant women, particularly in the second and third trimesters, when the risk for the child is especially great.

How pregnant not to be infected with swine flu?

The most efficient and effective prevention of swine flu during pregnancy is vaccination. But spending should not in high morbidity and 2-3 months before the expected peak, i.e. in October-November.

Many expectant mothers, fearing for the health of the fetus, worried that such prevention of swine flu during pregnancy may have a negative impact on the child. Doctors proven that the effects on the child she has, but to protect from airborne virus capable 90%. And even if a woman gets sick, she takes the disease in a mild form without complications, which will increase the chances of the baby to be born healthy.

If vaccination is for any reason impossible, the woman in the period of the epidemic, avoid crowded places, enclosed spaces, walking away from the General mass of people in the parks.

Really help out the usual hygiene – thorough hand-washing, washing and rinsing the nasal passages with the help of Laundry soap. This method has been helping physicians, by whom during an epidemic there are a lot of sick people.

Mask — a very common tool during the epidemic. Here are just some doctors doubt its feasibility. But it may still make sense to wear when visiting clinics, pharmacies or store. But on the street it is not needed.

A separate issue is how not to get sick with swine flu pregnant, when family members got them. If possible, the woman should not be in contact with them until their recovery.

But if you have to look after, for example, for a sick child, mask mode is simply necessary, and the mask must be patient, and healthy. A woman should frequently wash their hands and conduct daily wet cleaning, Профилактика свиного гриппа у беременныхas well as to do a regular airing.

What can you use in pregnancy for prevention of swine flu?

Of medicines a pregnant woman can safely use oxolinic ointment Viferon and before leaving the house. In addition, prophylactic means taking Grippferon. But medication to maintain immunity (Arbidol, Amizon, tincture of Echinacea, Eleutherococcus, Magnolia vine) to use are undesirable because of their effect on the fetus has not been studied.

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