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Подгузники-трусикиToday disposable hygiene products babies are widely used. Some young mothers prefer to buy waterproof reusable diapers that you can use for quite a long time, replacing special inserts as necessary. Still, most parents are giving their preference to the ordinary disposable diapers that can be purchased in almost any store children’s products.

Although selling a huge variety of hygiene products, the choice of diapers for newborn babies who are just born, is very limited. So, for the youngest kids always use ordinary diapers with Velcro, which protect them from leaks and does not irritate the delicate skin.

Meanwhile, when the baby is a little older, the usual hygiene becomes very uncomfortable to wear, because baby every day will become more active. In this case, the young parents come diapers panties, intended for children weighing from 6 kgs. The choice of hygiene products such also huge, and they all have certain advantages and disadvantages. In this article we will tell you which pants are better for boys and girls, and what you should pay attention to.

What is the difference between wearing diapers?

From the title it is clear what constitutes a diaper panties. In fact, this is the same underwear for babies, intended for one time use. From ordinary diapers, they differ in the form and way of dressing – just enough to push the baby’s legs into the holes and stretch it a means of hygiene as an ordinary cloth pants.

The shape of the diaper-pants, if they are correctly matched in size and better fit to the calf crumbs and consequently provide greater protection from leaks. That is why young mothers choose that kind of toiletries when baby begins to take an increasingly proactive.

This diaper is extremely easy not only to wear but also to remove. You can simply tear the side seams, and panties will fly off with the baby, and you will only be disposed of. Due to this property the diapers panties very often take on the road, when dressing up baby can be difficult.

Perhaps the only drawback of this kind of diapers compared to ordinary hygienic means and the Velcro is their high cost. Meanwhile, the majority of young moms say that they are willing to spend more money, but not to suffer with the simple dressing of the diaper to big kid.

What are the differences of panties-diapers for boys and girls?

Most manufacturers of children’s products produce diapers, designed exclusively for boys or for girls. Despite the fact that such products are of the same material, they have some significant differences, namely:

  • the coating is absorbent pants for boys is in the front, and for girls – in the exact middle of the diaper;
  • models designed for future men, do more free in the front to avoid excessive pressure on the genitals;
  • finally, diapers for boys and girls differ colors and design elements.Подгузники-трусики

The ranking of the best diapers in the shape of panties

Based on the feedback of young parents and pediatricians a modern opinion, the best in its category we can assume the following pants:

  • Merries, Japan.
  • Goon, Japan.
  • Moony «night», Japan.
  • Libero, Up&Go, France.
  • Huggies Little Walkers for boys and girls, Czech Republic.

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