Diapers for newborns

Подгузники для новорожденныхUnlike their mothers and grandmothers, young mothers use a variety of tools designed to care for newborn children, which makes their lives easier. So, none of the newly-made mommy is not complete without today’s popular absorbent diapers.

The range of baby-goods stores and pharmacies can meet a variety of hygiene products, designed to protect your little one’s clothes and diaper leaks and also to take away fluid and moisture from baby’s delicate skin and prevent irritation.

Because they all have their advantages and disadvantages, young parents may be confused when selecting this useful device. In this article we will tell you which baby diapers for newborns it is best to choose and what to look for when buying.

How to pick nappies for newborn?

Absorbent means for personal hygiene of babies vary in shape and appearance, size and time of possible use. Today a huge popular reusable diapers for newborns, representing panties of waterproof «breathable» material, inside which are inserted into a special ear. They are adjusted as the filling, and used tabs are erased and can be used again.

Nevertheless, the majority of young mothers give their preference ordinary absorbent diapers, to be disposed of immediately after use. It comes in the form of ordinary diapers with Velcro or panties, though the latter may not be applied earlier than the body weight of the baby reaches 6 pounds.

Disposable diapers for the smallest of crumbs, which recently came to light, it is necessary to choose taking into account the following recommendations:

  • Very well, if the diaper is equipped with a special cutout for the belly button. Umbilical wound babies can heal within a few weeks, and all the time in no event it is impossible to prevent its rubbing.
  • Always pay attention to the size guide listed on the package. If the size of the diaper is selected incorrectly, it will not be able to provide the necessary protection against leakage or will RUB the delicate skin of the crumbs.
  • Properly selected diaper must have a wide elastic band that is located on the back of the baby to be as close to child’s body.
  • Any hygiene products for newborns should be made of eco-friendly breathable materials.
  • Finally, it is not necessary to give the preference to the diaper, the surface of which is impregnated with various lotions or processed perfumed fragrances. The presence of such components increases the likelihood of allergic reaction.

How often to change a diaper a newborn?

In young children very quickly appears irritation in the buttocks and genitals, so the diapers you have to change quite often. This is especially true when the kid has a shit – stained to remove the means of hygiene should immediately. In other cases, the frequency change of the diaper is set depending on the age of the baby:

  • babies from birth to 2 months cannot be left in the same diaper longer than 2-3 hours, to check its content it is recommended every half hour;
  • if the child is older than 2 months, but not yet turned 6, the frequency change hygiene can be increased to 1 in every 4-6 hours;
  • finally, after 6 months of changing diapers when necessary.
  • On this basis, you can determine how many diapers a day newborn. So, for a newly born baby should purchase hygiene products at a rate of 8-10 pieces per day.

Подгузники для новорожденныхRating of best diapers for newborns

According to most pediatricians and mothers, among the best diapers for newborns are the following:

  • Fixies New Life, Germany.
  • Merries, Japan.
  • Huggies Newborn, Czech Republic.
  • Goon Newborn, Japan.
  • Libero Baby Soft, France.
  • Pampers New Baby Dry, Poland.

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